Sirin: Blockchain Technology Phone, Computer & Tokens

Sirin: Blockchain Technology Phone, Computer & Tokens


With Blockchain technology being implemented in almost every sector, like Health, Finance, E-Governance, it makes sense that a company manufacture gadgets such as Phones, PC that supports the configurations that are required to use Blockchain Technology. Noticing the aim at decentralized apps and the keen interest and incline in people’s quest for supercomputers that enable Cryptocurrency mining, Sirin Labs has hit the ball out of the park!

Sirin Labs has created a range of products which can help the user access and keep a tab on the status of their cryptocurrency and the other Blockchain Technology related applications that one wants to access. Additionally, it supports its unique OS that is decentralized too and offers users a Cold Storage crypto wallet and Distributed Ledger Consensus.

This blog shall also cover it’s token that is simply names after the parent company, SIRIN LABS Token (SRN)

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Finney Smartphone:

finney smartphone

This device is the go to phone for any dabbler of the Blockchain technology. It offers it users a state of the art phone which boasts of features such as Built-in cold storage crypto wallet and Secure P2P resource sharing. Its Distributed Ledger Consensus helps the users to replicate, synchronize and share digital data geographically. This further spread across multiple sites, countries, or institutions and keeps the ledger updated.

Technical Specifications:

  1. 256GB of internal memory storage
  2. Wi-Fi 802.11ac and a 5.2-inch QHD Display
  3. 8GB RAM
  4. 12 MP Wide Angle Selfie Camera and a 16 MP Camera

It is further supported by a Cyber Protection Suite that offers users behavioral based intrusion Prevention System ( IPS ) and a secured communications platform for all forms of broadcasting like email, messaging or VoIP.  It further offers the user a 3 factor authentication. No manner of security is overlooked as it provides a Lock Pattern, Behavioral analysis and Biometric security. It’s OS is based on Android and allows you to access your dApps and other required applications safely and in a secure manner.

Price: $ 999

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Finney Computer:

finney computer

An all in one PC that offers it users the best of Blockchain Technology. It offers its users additional power that is made available through a cloud-based service or the SIRIN LABS peer-to-peer resource sharing protocol.  This product is made on the principle of Thin Client ( A Thin Client is a lightweight computer that has a server-based computing environment. In it, the server does everything from launching software programs, crunching numbers, to even storing data.) This PC provides  a Built-in Cold Storage crypto wallet and a proper Sirin OS.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  2. 24 inch Display
  3. Memory 8GB and a storage capacity of  256 GB
  4. Biometric Security beyond normal industry standards.

Its protection suite has a tamper proof Blockchain protocol and a physical security switch that comes in handy in case there is a fear of wallet hacking.  This PC too provides a 3 step authentication similar to the Finney Phone. ( Biometric, behavioral and a default lock pattern.

Price : $ 799

Sirin Lab Token:

sirin lab tokens

The unique thing about Sirin Labs releasing its token is that it does so with the intent of bringing together for the user, the joy of using a Finney Phone and accessing its online store with their own token. In the hypothetical case, if a user wants, it can pay for services within the phone through a zero-fee transaction system. They also have the option of selling their device’s idle processor power and earn token in return. The market cap of Sirin Lab Token has risen significantly since the news of the companies partnership with IOTA currency for its further development.

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In Conclusion:

Consumer expectations are running high. There is much excitement for the Finney gadgets. Sirin Labs has a difficult road ahead, if it wants to wow the consumer and blow away any competitors. Already ahead in the race of Blockchain specific electronic appliances, Sirin Labs just needs to cross the t and dot the i. Keep your eyes out for this one folks!

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