Smart Mac Care: A Complete Guide For Mac Cleanup & Optimization/

Smart Mac Care: A Complete Guide For Mac Cleanup & Optimization

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Smart Mac Care

  • Clean & Optimize your Mac
  • Takes care of browsers’ privacy
  • Saves Mac from Malware
  • Speed up Mac in A Few Clicks

As the name denotes clearly, Smart Mac Care is a powerful software for your Mac that does various functions that you don’t wish to do manually. It includes finding out cluttered files, removing them individually, make a better disk space for optimized work, and erasing hidden malware.

Now that these functions and their advanced variations require your time and effort, it is best to save them for better purposes. How? With Smart Mac Care! This tool is undoubtedly the right choice for the improved performance of your Mac.

Download Now and Save $20 On Smart Mac Care

Well, there are a lot of other advanced features that align with Smart Mac Care, so let’s begin with exploring each of them below.

Why Use Smart Mac Care?

1. Saves Mac From Deadly Infections

We all are very much aware of the increased threat of malware, adware, spyware, and trojans. They can crash your computer, reboot it spontaneously or may lower down the internet speed. It could be anything but your last resort solution is Smart Mac Care.

While it is installed on your computer, it can easily detect and delete all kinds of threats present on the machine. Moreover, any abnormal crashing remains avoidable and high-level security prevails.

 2. Scan-Out Junk & Unused Files

Computer machines getting clogged up with junks and various leftover files is a common phenomenon. But these files actually bulk up your precious space.

No worries, Smart Mac Care can subtly detect cache files, log files, trash, etc. and you are then allowed to delete them. Saving your space for further use is perfect for an optimized Mac.

3. Saves Browsers’ Privacy

Once again, browsing history is a major segment that can be hacked through cookies, history or application cache. And if some major data is a part of this segment, you are highly vulnerable to getting hacked, be it for monetary purposes or identity crisis.

Well, Smart Mac Care effectively cleans all these remains and makes sure that your privacy remains intact. Feel free to explore anything on the browser now while logging in personal details as this tool can bear it easy.

4. Blend Of Advanced Tools

If you believe that these functions are enough to have an optimized Mac, let us also offer some amazing additions in the tool to ease out the situation.

In-built modes like Uninstaller, Duplicate Finder, Failed Downloads, Login Items, etc. are present within Smart Mac Care that also runs along to make space on your computer in a finer manner. Considerable hard disk space is saved using these modes and its performance boost by itself.

How Smart Mac Care Work?

Begin it with downloading the software by pressing the button below and save $20 on limited time-purchase. Hurry!

Once you install it, you are ready to go. We will discuss each of these modules in detail and its working on your computer.

Step 1: At the interface, click on ‘Scan Now’ and your machine will automatically begin the process while mentioning scan results within a few minutes.


As you can see in the image above, Smart Mac Care has mentioned about Malware Scan, Web Protection, Junk Scan, and Privacy Scan. You can either click here ‘Fix All Items’ or move ahead in the next section for further details.

Step 2: Under the search icon tab, a brief status is mentioned. Here, you can select ‘Rescan Now’ or look for information like Last Scan Performed, Total Items Cleaned, Potentially Unwanted Programs, and if you are at risk of malware or not.


For example, in the case below, it is seen that ‘High Risk’ has been denoted adjacent to the Malware Scan section.

Step 3: Now in the third block, you can view the status of Web Protection. That means Smart Mac Care will tell you whether your browsers are protected or not, and if not, then what could be done.

In the example below. Both Google Chrome and Firefox aren’t protected, and an extension has been automatically advised for safety.


Step 4: Now comes the module of Advanced features!

From the sidebar on the left, you can select Uninstaller, Login Items, Duplicate Finder, Disk Usage, Failed Downloads, Flash Cache, System Details, and Memory Optimizer.

If we talk about each in detail, Uninstaller will let you about all the apps in which some might not have been in use since a long time. You can choose to uninstall the ones you don’t need and free up space.


Next comes Login Items which help remove apps that launch during the system boot/login for startup time improvement.


In Duplicate Finder, Smart Mac Care will scan through all kinds of duplicate files, be it images, videos, folders or documents, and displays the number found after a deep scan. You can choose ‘Clean Now’ and save the space for future use. E.g. in the case below, 840.2 MB can be saved by removing the duplicates.


Disk Usage lets you explore bulkiest files on the computer and allow you to remove those not even required. For example, the recoverable space is around 9.3 GB in the case below which is undoubtedly a huge amount.


Failed Downloads evidently explains corrupt and incomplete downloads that can be removed to free up hard-disk space.


Flash Cache is present here as some of the flash videos are capable of storing cache data and it is best to remove them for fast browsing speed.


System details about any kind of redundant data from iTunes, iOS updates, backups, downloads, etc. which all can be erased for making space.


Memory Optimizer is the final block that shows how much memory is available. In fact, there is also a division of used memory within Apps, Wired or Compressed Memory. You may choose to optimize them all by clicking on ‘Optimize Now’.


Step 5: This segment is basically winding up the software as well as providing a place to enter the activation key. Once expired, you can purchase it again and use new activation code to run Smart Mac Care once again.



This complete guide on how to use Smart Mac Care and how can it be beneficial for your computer explains various functions in detail. This tool to clean your Mac is the ultimate solution for all those who are willing to save space on their Mac and de-clog the clutter present over the disk space.

Hurry! This Limited Offer is available only in $29.95, download it today to save future maintenance money for your computer, where all the solutions lie in-hand with a dose of Smart Mac Care.

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  • Orli
    Is this a lifetime purchase? its not mentioned in their wesite.

    1 year ago Reply
    • Akanksha Soni
      Hi Orli
      This is applicable for 1-year subscription as of now. 🙂

      1 year ago Reply
  • Kobe
    Can it be “transferred” to my iPad / iPhone?

    1 year ago Reply
    • Akanksha Soni
      Hi Kobe
      We are sorry but this application is available for Mac only.

      1 year ago Reply

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