Smart Mac Care v/s CleanMyMac X (2020) : The Comparison Guide

Smart Mac Care vs CleanMyMac X (2020) : The Comparison Guide

Mac Optimization

Although Smart Mac Care and CleanMyMac are both highly reliable products and play an essential role in keeping your Mac clean and optimized, users still want to compare the two so that they could reach a better decision. Here is why we have decided to list down all that you need to know about Smart Mac Care v/s CleanMyMac X.

Smart Mac Care vs CleanMyMac X

Features Smart Mac Care CleanMyMac X
Malware Removal Yes Yes
Scans junk and unused files Yes Yes
Browser Cleanup Yes Yes
Browser Protection Status Yes No
Uninstaller Yes Yes
Login Items Removal Yes Yes
Personalized Cleanup Tips No Yes
Updater Yes Yes
Time Machine Thinning No Yes
Duplicate Finder Yes No
Free Trial Yes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee Yes (60 days) Yes (30 days)
Price $49.95 ($29.95 if purchased from the link below) $39.95

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care logo

Rating: 4.6/5

USP: Exclusive protection from upcoming and available threats in the system

Latest Version: 1.5.5

  • Attractive and modern user interface
  • Updates malware database regularly
  • Plethora of advanced tools for Mac optimization
  • Available in English language only

Smart Mac Care works as efficiently as its name. This powerful software can save your time by performing various tasks from a single location, thus saving time. It also helps in saving money by keeping your system secured from deadly infections like malware, adware, spyware, and trojans which can interrupt in the working later and may bring monetary loss.

Smart Mac Care vs CleanMyMac X

  • It can scan junk and unused files from the system that are clogging precious space on your computer. Smart Mac Care detects cache files, logs, trash and more to ease you with free space and optimized Mac.
  • Saving the browser’s privacy is an essential aspect that users seek. Smart Mac Care removes cookies, history and application cache so that no hacker can trace your address and create any sort of identity theft.
  • It also provides you with complete information about the browsers’ protection and their security status in your system. You can count it as a unique feature of Smart Mac Care which lacks in its competitors.
  • There is a whole bundle of advanced tools awaiting to keep up with space and memory usage. This bundle unfolds a smart Uninstaller, Login Items(where you can add or remove apps that launch during the system boot), Duplicate finder, Disk Usage (to find the status of photos, music, videos, documents, archives, etc. in the system), Failed Downloads, Flash Cache, System (which details about redundant data from iTunes, iOS updates, backups, downloads, etc.) and Memory Optimizer that depicts available and used memory neatly.
  • Uninstaller with Smart Mac Care is pretty potent as it helps to remove all the redundant files that tag along with software. Many times, removing software leaves associated files in the system that takes some essential space. But Smart Mac Care uninstalls every single file while deleting software.
  • In case of Duplicate Finder, Smart Mac Care finds the number of duplicate files available in the system and helps in deleting them. It helps in making the system light and free from unnecessary clutter.

Smart Mac Care vs CleanMyMac X

  • Memory Optimizer is yet another vital feature that explains a division of memory usage in the system with subtype (App memory, Wired memory and Compressed memory) and available memory for the future of the system.
  • User-Friendliness: Many users put up the question on user-friendliness and they should. Thankfully, Smart Mac Care comes up with an excellent user interface whose features are easy to understand, and your actions are self-navigable. The dashboard is easy to understand and work.

Smart Mac Care vs CleanMyMac X

  • Customer Support: Smart Mac Care comes with better quality support to its customers where they can generate a query on Contact Us form. Users usually get a reply soon with queries resolved. Read the complete Smart Mac Care review

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X logo

Rating: 4.5 /5

USP: Reclaims space and speeds up the system

Latest Version: 4.6.5

  • Stays regularly updated with malware database.
  • Provides multiple maintenance options for the system
  • Makes your system run faster after unloading junk space.
  • Settings are a little complicated.

Although CleanMyMac has made its space in the tech world for a long time now and its exclusive associate for Mac, CleanMyMac X is a leading player now. It is capable of removing junk from the system, including local copies of email attachments at once. Along with this, removing malicious files and protecting from any vulnerabilities is another attribute.


  • Apart from removing browsing traces, it even sweeps up your chat data from various applications to keep you safe. You can enable/disable login items to reduce boot time.
  • The maintenance section is pretty descriptive, and it makes CleanMyMac X a leading product. This section includes freeing up purgeable space, speeding up mail, rebuilding launch services, reindexing Spotlight and Time Machine thinning.

CleanMyMac malware removal

  • The Uninstaller, Updater and Extensions come in another slot of Applications tools that gives you the power to manage the system as per your terms. Indeed a great tool to optimize your Mac with individual areas to be scanned and learning the depths of the system.
  • Customer Support: If you wish to contact the team for technical support, you can choose to fill up the Contact form, and you will be reverted very soon with resolved queries.

Smart Mac Care vs CleanMyMac X

As far as we have analyzed, both the tools are incredibly efficient and worthy to look up to.

CleanmyMac X is one of the prestige products of MacPaw, which continually goes under changes to make it more useful for Mac users. And, Smart Mac Care is a product from the Systweak Software, which has been developing quality products for major platforms for 20 years.

It is a fierce competition between innovation and experience, but let’s get on to the verdict now. When the tussle comes at the price, Smart Mac Care gives a win-win deal with $49.95, whereas CleanMyMac X is available for $39.95, thinking how Smart Mac Care is a better deal? Well, if you purchase Smart Mac Care from the link in this blog, the price will automatically be reduced to $29.95. Moreover, with 60 days money-back guarantee, you get to test the product for two months in case of Smart Mac Care, wherein only 30 days of a money-back guarantee is provided with CleanMyMac X. Read the complete CleanMyMac X review

Although CleanMyMac X comes with more features than Smart Mac Care, features like memory optimizer, and duplicate finder, makes Smart Mac Care a better deal to get. Therefore, we would recommend you to pick Smart Mac Care as you will get three in one deal that you get at the discounted price of $29.95.  What do you think? Which one would you choose? Write to us in the comment section below!

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