Newsletter: Sony Reveals 3 Upcoming Games Before E3 & Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 850 For PCs

Newsletter: Sony Reveals 3 Upcoming Games Before E3 & Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 850 For PCs



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Sony discloses 3 New Games way ahead of E3 2018, starting from June 6th

Why Sony is making announcements just before E3?

It seems this year Sony is no mood of waiting for E3 to end and then summarize all it has to say. As a refreshed and more focused approach, it is trying to spread things out to get the attention that it deserves.

What Sony is offering its users before E3?

For the first time, Sony will stream new game announcements and updates before E3. Starting from Wednesday, June 6th onwards until Sunday, June 10th, each day for five days it will make new announcements. In total 5 announcements will be made at 8 a.m. PT/ 11 a.m. ET at,  Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and apparently at Sony’s PlayStation Blog.  These announcements include three new games, comprising of two games for PS4 and once for PS VR.

What are the announcements?

June 6th

Sony will reveal a new PlayStation 4 game with PlayStation VR support

June 7th

Sony will announce release date for its forthcoming World Studios Title (SIE Bend Studio’s Days Gone or “Death Stranding” or maybe “The Last of Us 2”?)

June 8th

A new PS4 game will be declared.

June 9th

A new PS VR game will be announced by Sony.

June 10th

Sony will wrap up things with an “eagerly anticipated” game coming to PS VR.

What are Sony plans for future?

This year Sony expects to sell 16 million consoles as there is a jump in number of games sold. Plus, the number of PlayStation subscribes has also increased to 34.2 million. Sony is undoubtedly the biggest console maker of this generation.

Qualcomm unveils a new chip for Windows at Computex 2018

Qualcomm releases new chip which is especially designed for Windows 10 laptops

What is the new chip all about?

New Qualcomm’s project, unveiled at Computex named Snapdragon 850 Mobile Compute Platform is a chip specifically designed for Windows 10 laptop in joint effort with Samsung. It is based on 10 nanometer processors and runs at 2.9 GHz. The new compute platform is designed to boost computing performance while keeping the excellent LTE capable of delivering 1.2 Gbps per second LTE speed and battery life. It comes with Snapdragon X20 LTE model and AI Engine.

It is expected to offer 30% gain in CPU performance and 20% extra battery life as compared to Snapdragon 835. In addition to this, the new chip will enhance network performance to 20% faster and it promises to give reliable HD sound along with the capability for playing back Ultra HD 4K videos. All credit goes to Qualcomm Aqstic and aptX audio.

snapdragon x20 lte modam

How is the chip different?

Snapdragon 850 offers Always On, Always Connected Standby mode that you won’t find on other devices. Also, this chip is exclusively designed to power Windows machine which cannot be found in any other smartphones. Snapdragon 850 features ARM processors, integrated LTE, longer battery life, and an instant wake up mode. Using this new platform users can now collaborate, share, create and connect easily.

Is the new chip compatible with latest Windows 10 update?
The new chip is compatible with latest Windows 10 update and provides enhanced CPU and GPU performance, improved app compatibility and restored browsing experience.

When will it be released?

Qualcomm has confirmed that the device based on Snapdragon 850 will be available before this year end. In addition, to this the company says that the platform will appear in a to be announced Samsung device.

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