Sony Reveals PS5 Details: The Future of Game Console

Sony Reveals PS5 Details: The Future of Game Console


Just two days after Microsoft disclosed full specs for the Xbox Series X console, Sony came out with a special event on March 18th to reveal new details about the upcoming PS5 console.

This clearly shows no matter what happens with COVID-19 pandemic both companies are ready to hit stores with their gaming consoles this falls.

Why Did Sony Make The PlayStation 5 Announcement After Microsoft?

Everything is fair in the console war and love and we can’t blame Sony for it. The company is simply battering Microsoft’s build-up. Beating Sony in the console war is tough and Microsoft knows it hence they had to get out there first.

Sony knows this well hence waited for the Xbox Series revelation and then came out with details about PS5.

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What Do People Expect From Sony?

It might look as if Sony is already losing the console launch war. But that isn’t true as, people expect a lot from the company who dethroned Nintendo. If Sony keeps the following points in mind no one can stop it from becoming an instant success in gaming console:

  • PS5 should be reasonably priced.
  • A decent amount of storage should be offered. This means it should allow saving next-gen games easily.
  • Backward compatibility should be offered i.e. all PS4 games should be allowed to be played on the new gaming console.
  • New games designed for powerful CPU, GPU, and SSD should be offered.

What Sony is offering?

  • PS5 is expected to come with the following specifications:
  • Eight-core CPU (based on AMD’s third-gen)
  • Custom GPU on AMD’s Radeon Navi hardware
  • 8K resolution support
  • 3D audio
  • 4K gaming at 120 Hz
  • Option for lower power consumption
  • Ultra-fast SSD included

Is There Any Difference Between The Next-Gen Xbox And PS5?

Xbox PS5
CPU 3.8 GHz Custom Zen 2 AMD Ryzen Eight-core
GPU 12 TFLOPS 1.825 GHz RDNA 2 Radeon Navi with ray tracing support
Storage 1 TB custom SSD SSD size not yet disclosed
Optical Drive 4K Blu-ray 4K Blu-ray
4K Yes Yes
Availability Holiday 2020 (Expected) Holiday 2020 (Expected)

All this says a lot about both consoles but rumours suggest this time the fight is over exclusives. PS5 certainly will be faster than Xbox due to its RAM and SSD but we cannot deny the fact that Series X has better GPU.

Moreover, PS5 might include a DualShock 5 controller that supports microphone meaning it will help players deliver real-time information via voice assistant.

These are the kind of features we expect from companies like Microsoft and Sony to offer. We will get a clear picture once the event is over. We hope to hear about the pricing of games that PS5 will offer.

What do you think about the latest PlayStation 5? Are you excited about it? Do share your views in the comments section.

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