Soundcloud Vs Spotify: Which is Better?

Soundcloud Vs Spotify: Which is Better?


Music has become an essential part of your daily activities. It keeps you engaged in work, brings up a smile on your face. Whether you are on the go or within your room, you listen to music. Irrespective of the device you are on, you need apps to play music. With the smartphone revolution, a number of streaming services are available on our phones. Currently, Soundcloud and Spotify are the biggest names in audio streaming platform.

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Music streaming services are competing constantly with each other ever since expanded with high demand on the user’s end. You must have heard about Soundcloud and Spotify if you can’t let a day pass without listening to music. Both the streaming giants are spreading its reach to people with their availability around the World.


Soundcloud was founded in August 2007 a year after Spotify was founded in Germany. Both provided millions of songs for its users on its free service as well as the Premium version. The free web-based service was quickly recognized and appreciated by the music lovers. Some also got the app for their smartphone. As time progressed, the use of smart devices increased along with a love for music. Therefore, you can easily find a music app on every smartphone. People with an intriguing interest in music reached on Soundcloud and Spotify way before than others, but the number of users increased in recent years.

The newbies still find it tough to decide which one is the better app- Soundcloud vs Spotify. So let’s emphasize on the features and services provided by these two audio streaming services.

Category Soundcloud Spotify
Highlighted feature Music from independent artists Original track from major artists
Subscription Free, 4.99 for Go, 9.99 for Premium, 12 for Pro unlimited Free, 4.99 for Students, 9.99 for premium, 14 for a family account
App available Web, Windows, Mac, Sonos, Android and iOS Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS
Audio Quality 128 kbps 320 kbps



Soundcloud made its entry a decade ago in parts of the US, UK, Asia and Europe easily with the ultimate way for musicians to showcase their talent. With people loving the new content and the music artists getting recognized and able to communicate directly with the listeners stands out as the best feature of Soundcloud.

Just like the world-famous track #Selfie was first released on Soundcloud by The Chainsmokers. This used to be the go-to place for all the EDM lovers which found AVICII, Diplo, Skrillex etc. What makes Soundcloud the best is its approach to the users with a diverse collection of audio, OST and podcasts.

Soundcloud has the ultimate advantage as it lets you upload the recordings to the platform for free. Hence, making it an online editing tool for the basic needs of a musician. It uses the feature to get recognition among the people who like the genre of music. Once you are there you will find it very easy to record and upload on the platform which can be heard publicly.

With more than 12 hours of music content uploaded on Soundcloud every minute. 20 million music creators who can be reached by over 200 million users globally.



Spotify is supreme with its content from the biggest names of the music industry. You can play songs from your favorite bands from any part of the world. The reach of Spotify was limited as it restricted the free account in the initial days and made it invitation based only.

Even with its paid services, only avid music lovers are getting the Spotify player. This has made Spotify the first ever to have 100 million paid users all over the world. As it is way more than the Apple Music users which was much hyped for the original tracks being streamed for Apple devices.

Spotify can be used with a free account where you can listen to unlimited podcasts, songs with ads playing in between songs. With the Spotify Premium account, however, you don’t have to listen to ads plus you can listen to songs in offline mode. Useful to make your experience even better. While driving, listen to songs as on Car mode for safety which activates as you connect to the Bluetooth. Other than this, you can also transfer your playlist from Spotify to YouTube.

Our Take: Soundcloud vs Spotify

One can sign up on Spotify with a Facebook account or email address. Whereas for Soundcloud you don’t need to sign up for listening to music on web browsers. Although one can create an account with Facebook, Google account or email address. It will automatically add songs to the playlist. As you can look at more of suggested tracks. So which to select when given a choice- Spotify vs Soundcloud.

All the music streaming services are upping their game by providing features helpful to the user.

Both the platforms have a different audience targeted, as for traditional music streaming, you can get Spotify. However, if you are like to listen to fresh talent, then Soundcloud is for you. You can leave direct feedback in the form of comments on their track, making it more interactive. Whereas Spotify is for the people who are more into listening to established artists. With Spotify, you can get the best audio quality of the songs. Soundcloud, in turn, provides you with free tools to record, edit and upload hours of music along with listening to unlimited music.

So, if you are hooked to certain artists, you can choose Spotify, but if you are looking to listen to fresh music, then Soundcloud is the real deal. However, this our take! You can try both the streaming services and choose the best for you.

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