Systweak Anti-malware For Android- Best Protection Against Malware

Systweak Anti-malware For Android- Best Protection Against Malware

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Given the situations and past year events, it is an unfortunate truth that cyber crimes have become even more prevalent. The usage of the smartphones has been increasing every year. We would definitely be a fool to ignore the fact that our devices whether it’s your Android smartphone or your PC, all of them are vulnerable. Therefore, it is our duty to make sure that we keep our devices secure against unknown threats and invasions. No matter how cautious you are, you can’t be sure that your device is fully protected. To ensure the safety of your data and security of your Android, you need a third party app which can safeguard your device 24*7.

One such app for Android is Systweak Anti-malware, which acts as a watchdog and keeps an eye out for any malicious content. It keeps your privacy intact. In this post, we will discuss how it secures and works as a shield between your Android device and outer world.

Systweak Anti Malware:

Systweak Anti Malware is one of the best mobile security apps which protect your device from malware and other online threats. Moreover, you can also limit the access and permissions of the third-party apps to ensure privacy. The user-friendly and thorough app makes it easy to fight off the infections. Let’s have a look at the key features of the app:

Systweak Anti Malware

Real-Time Protection:

It provides real-time protection and notifies you if an application is a harmful one at the time of installation.

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Regularly Updated Database:

The database of the app gets updated every now and then to ensure that you are safe from latest threats.

Scan Your Device:

It scans your internal memory as well as memory card.


It detects and informs you which apps access your personal information, track location, call details and more. Moreover, it shows the access privileges of all the apps installed on your Android.

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Type Of Scans:

It offers Deep(thorough scanning) and Quick Scan to detect infections.

Uninstall Malicious Apps:

With the app, you can scan and uninstall malicious applications in a single tap. You can also block installation of applications from unknown sources.

Safe Web Browsing:

Turn the accessibility services and the app will protect you open a website you visit or redirect you to a malicious or phishing webpage.

Note: The accessibility service is used for informational purpose and Systweak doesn’t access and misuse any of your personal information.

Now, you know how to protect your Android device from malware and online threats. Go to Google Play Store, and install Systweak Anti Malware and ensure the security of your device.

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