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Gadgets - 2018-09-28

7 New and Useful Things to Try on Your Alexa Speaker

With Alexa powered devices we can have a better control over our smart home appliances. Recently, Amazon launched a series of new commands and a bunch of software improvements for all Alexa devices. So, as your Alexa is more knowledgeable here are a few new Alexa commands that you can try to improve your voice…

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How-To, iPhone - 2018-09-18

How To Operate Alexa On Your iPhone?

Amazon Alexa was launched for Echo Dot, Echo and other Amazon smart speakers however, now it can be used on your iPhone and other iOS devices as well. However, before you start using Alexa on your iPhone, you need to know what it’s capable of, how can get it and use it. In this post…

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Tips & Tricks - 2018-04-27

Steps to Create Alexa Skills of Your Own

Alexa is the virtual assistant by Amazon, it is a voice over service used in Amazon Echo and now in Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot. Alexa can perform various operations, which includes, music playback, voice interaction, setting alarms, providing weather, traffic, news, and other various real-time information. It can also control some of the…

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