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Tech News - 2017-10-01

8 New Amazon Echo Devices You Can Buy Right Now

We’re all aware with Amazon’s voice control beefy speakers, right? Agree or not but a few decades back who could imagine that simply saying a command from our living room would play our favorite song. We all know that these wireless speakers are capable of doing so much more than that. Well, the good news…

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Newsletter - 2017-09-01

Newsletter: Apple Backs Net Neutrality & Microsoft Partners With Amazon

QUOTE OF THE DAY “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings” ~ Optimus Prime (Transformers) APPLE DOESN’T WANT NET NEUTRALITY TO END THE STORY The tech giant finally breaks silence over net neutrality rollback. Shows support for Obama-era rules. WHAT IS NET NEUTRALITY? The current net neutrality rules state “Broadband providers should not block,…

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Tips & Tricks - 2017-08-24

Tips And Tricks To Make Amazon Prime Video Better

First launched in 2005, Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that offered free two-day shipping along with discounted one-day shipping rates. However it has now become more than that, it gives users access to free one-day delivery, streaming video/music and other benefits for a monthly or yearly fee. Amazon Prime Video is full of…

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