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Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-11-16

Bitcoin: The Future of Money or A Prophet of Anarchy?

“Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.” ~ Donald Trump (45th President of the United States) Digital technology has sure taken quantum leaps this year and the best example that anyone can quote is the sudden popularity of Cryptocurrencies, or…

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Blockchain, Tech News - 2017-11-14

Meet The New Cryptocurrency From Switzerland – Giracoin

Those who’re into cryptocurrencies must have heard about Giracoin. Like any other cryptocurrency, Giracoin too, is said to, have a blockchain where a transaction could be tracked via any block explorer. Giracoin is said to be the newest cryptocurrency which a latest blockchain. The key difference between Giracoin and other cryptocurrencies is that you can…

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Blockchain - 2017-11-13

5 Best International Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin is no less than a global legal tender that  just requires a formal exchange in international market to be considered as a full-fledged currency. It may be called luck that Bitcoin ironically emerged as the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world. Like any other currency, Bitcoin also requires exchanges for trading and other purposes….

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Blockchain - 2017-10-26

Things To Know Before Investing In Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world that swiftly jumped from obscurity into the mainstream in a total ‘Rockstar’ esque fashion. Bitcoin is expected to steadily trend upward to even greater heights as predicted by experts and business magnates alike. If you try to unearth the aspects that caused this hike of BTC…

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Tech in Pop Culture, Tech News - 2017-09-14

Is This The Beginning Of End For BitCoin?

“What goes up must come down”, the saying befits the Bitcoin as it dived more than $300 since the Chinese government banned ICOs last week. This fall comes right after a record high of $5000 over the previous weekend. This dip has led experts to despair over the future of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general. What puts…

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Tech Facts - 2017-08-04

Bitcoin ‘Forks’: A Brief Guide On Bitcoin Cash

In an event dubbed ‘hard fork’, Blockchain has split between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The split has caused the Bitcoin prices to fluctuate. Here’s all you need to know about the Bitcoin hard fork. Must Read: Why is Bitcoin Anonymous: Things you need to know Bitcoin Cash – what is it? There’s no significant difference between…

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