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Blockchain - 2018-02-23

Robinhood: Say “Hello” To The Future of Trading

Amidst growing demand and investment in cryptocurrencies, new innovations are constantly emerging to efficiently utilize this platform and maximize profit. To take lead in this revolution, several companies are adopting different market strategies. From developing real-life cryptocurrencies to no-commission trading features, the buzz is not going to fade anytime soon. Robinhood Crypto is no different…

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Blockchain - 2018-02-19

All You Need To Know About Verge

Companies all over the world are struggling to decide whether to trust blockchain or not, which cryptocurrency to invest in and how to secure their cryptocurrency wallets from hackers. It is in these times of chaos that a new cryptocurrency named Verge is knocking their doors, with new opportunities and privacy security! But what is…

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Blockchain - 2018-02-12

Large Mining Pools In Cryptocurrencies: A Boon Or Bane?

It is believed that the cryptocurrencies are centralized. But is this true or just a myth? Well, the wisdom of experts conveys that anyone with a computer system can easily manufacture cryptocurrency without much hassle. Moreover, the mining pools that are operating worldwide have become a standard method for minting new coins. Unless you are…

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Blockchain - 2018-02-16

Quantstamp: The Advanced Smart-Contract Protocol

2017 ended with a big bang for the cryptocurrencies. Amongst them was Quantstamp. Unfortunately, at that time, very few knew about it as it had launched in November 2017. As the interest in the market grew, more and more people researched and then invested on this Ethereum based platform. It is the first smart contract…

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Blockchain - 2018-02-10

Winklevoss Twins: Cryptocurrency Crusaders And Future

There was a time that those who owned Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies way before the boom of 2017, used to be pleased with a rise of a mere 5% in value. Today, the sad reality is that those who invested after the boom are now cursing and blaming media hype, or simply cutting their losses…

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Blockchain - 2018-02-08

BlockChain Moving Towards A New Start

Blockchain has become an efficient ledger that keeps a track of transaction of cryptocurrencies between two parties. It started on a small scale but has outgrown in various dimensions. Now, it is all set to grow in a different space, 3D blockchain applications platform. The new platform is now accessible. These are projects are developed…

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Blockchain - 2018-02-07

Blockchain Technology: Flashback / Flashforward

We have been covering a lot of aspects of Blockchain Technology via multiple blogs on our site. But with the rapidly changing technology, we realized that a lookback was required to update ourselves of the rapid development that is happening with Blockchain Technology. A two-part blog, we aim to cover all sectors previously mentioned. 1. Education:…

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Blockchain - 2018-02-07

Nav Coin: Every Crypto Investor’s Friend

What happens when you remove the slow transaction time of Bitcoin and add to it, the ability of an additional earning of 5% more? Well with NAV Coin, not only is this possible, but a reality as it offers its users the amazing option of Proof of Stake. (what PoS means is that the more…

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