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Blockchain - 2020-07-28

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps

Cryptocurrencies have become talk of the town for quite a long time now. Well, they deserve to be talked about, especially after the aggressive jump in the digital currency market. It somehow creates a blur expectation of holding a cryptocurrency to gain profit. However, trading these magic currencies is something that promises profit in a…

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Blockchain - 2018-01-16

Bitcoin: Digital Currency or Money for Criminals?

As the past year was coming to an end, Bitcoin’s popularity grew like that of a hollywood star. It’s meteoric rise has shown the world the power of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple and even Dogecoin. The drawback of the Bitcoin rise is that, government bodies are now more alert in its regard. Many,…

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Blockchain - 2018-01-03

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies That Performed In 2017

2017 was a remarkable year for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world. The overall growth in the market capital of cryptocurrencies skyrocketed to 810% by the month of August in a year. It means that it reached from a tiny $17.7 billion to a whopping $161 billion in just eight months. This is the…

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Blockchain - 2018-01-02

Ripple: Meet The Hottest New Cryptocurrency!

It has been a rather good week and an even better weekend for Ripple. As the new year kick starts, we see an underdog rise! This gives us hope, that no matter where and how you start off, if your intentions are right, then you shall always win in the end. For Ripple, it is…

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Blockchain - 2020-07-28

Ways To Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency Transactions

Since Bitcoin has become talk of the town, everyone wants to try it out for optimum profits. Well, it is obvious that Bitcoin is one of the fastest growing digital currency that has a big role in making people go from rags to riches. Cherry on the cake is that so far it is considered…

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Blockchain - 2017-12-15

Bitcoin Owners: Don’t Fear the Reaper

The entire stock market stood in stunned silence as they saw the highs in the values of the Bitcoin. The peak was unprecedented. At its highest, one Bitcoin held the value of $17,666.0. No stock or share had made this vast percentage in profits. This surge has proven to the naysayers that cryptocurrency of any…

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Tech News - 2017-12-08

Hackers Target Cryptocurrencies: NiceHash loses 64 million USD

Hacking has increased manifold in the last few years. Owing to this major security issue, no one feels secure and world’s most expensive virtual currency is no exception. NiceHash, which is a famous Slovenian based cryptocurrency mining site is said to have lost almost 64 million USD to hackers. As per reports hackers managed to…

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Blockchain - 2020-07-31

Meet The New Cryptocurrency From Switzerland – Giracoin

Those who’re into cryptocurrencies must have heard about Giracoin. Like any other cryptocurrency, Giracoin too, is said to, have a blockchain where a transaction could be tracked via any block explorer. Giracoin is said to be the newest cryptocurrency which a latest blockchain. The key difference between Giracoin and other cryptocurrencies is that you can…

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