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How-To - 2018-04-24

How To Ensure Your Privacy Is Protected On Facebook

No matter which corner of the world you may have been, at some point of time the headlines about Facebook’s data scandal must’ve surely got your attention for sure. And why not! It brought a complete state of turmoil in the tech industry. For some users Facebook is not just an app, it’s an emotion!…

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Tech Facts - 2018-04-19

Facebook Spying Even After You’re Logged Out

Facebook is a big name in the social media platforms with one of the largest user base across the globe. The recent incident of Cambridge Analytica made Facebook see a rough time. However, Facebook still seems to be on the same path. It was found that Facebook has been tracking your virtual movements. the strange…

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Exif Data, Tech Facts - 2020-07-15

A Selfie Can Reveal So Many Things On Facebook

Lately, Facebook has been trolled for data mishandling and jeopardizing the 2016 elections results. Facebook is currently under the scanner for many data and privacy related issues. Anton, Co-founder of WhatsApp also launched a campaign to delete Facebook account to keep privacy intact. Many users joined it and many are considering the option. Facebook has…

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How-To - 2018-04-08

How To Organize Your Facebook Timeline

Although Facebook is now going through a tough time, it nowhere means that it has completely lost its high ground. Even now, Facebook is far ahead from all its competitors when it comes to the number of active users. No matter the number of campaigns that demand users quit Facebook, there are still millions and…

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