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Tips & Tricks - 2018-02-08

How to Enable Hidden Offline Browsing In Google Chrome

The “Work Offline” feature of Chrome is somewhat concealed as compared to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which have it directly available for their users. “Work Offline” option allows users to save a page and read it later.  Internet Explorer and Firefox save a copy of the web pages that you browse and display the…

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google - 2018-01-30

Chrome Version 64 Launched: The Best Of The Best!

Google recently launched the latest version for its web browser, Chrome. Called the Chrome version 64, this deserves mention as public is surely hailing it as a pro customer update. This update helps users against the vulnerabilities named ‘Spectre and Meltdown’. They were discovered in late 2017 and shall now end the exploitation that hackers…

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google, Top 10 - 2020-04-30

40 Best Google Chrome Extensions- Part 2

In continuation with the Chrome extensions discussed in previous part we list down some more. These extensions will make shopping, accessibility, socialising and communicating easier. Extensions are small programs that customize your browsing experience yet they’re impactful. They help user to customize Chrome functionality as per their choice. They are built on HTML, JavaScripts and…

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google - 2020-01-29

40 Best Google Chrome Extensions- Part I

Google Chrome has gained popularity over the years, it is the most widely used Web browser, since it is easy to use, has a simple interface, syncs mobile and other devices without much ado. Not only this, Google Chrome supports many web extensions which, you can easily get them from Chrome Web Store. Here we…

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Alternative, Top 10, Web Browser - 2019-08-09

Best Free Google Chrome Alternative Browsers

Google Chrome is definitely the first name that pops in our mind when we talk about browsers. Since the release of Chrome, it has always proven to be the best in the market with its mind-blowing design, high-speed browsing, and stupefying features. However, some of the users are open to experimenting with other available options…

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Tech News - 2017-12-08

Google Bids Farewell to the Apps Section of Chrome Web Store

It’s almost a year since Google announced that it planned to remove Chrome Apps from Windows, Mac and Linux (not from Chrome OS). Well we guess it’s finally time when Google is bidding farewell to the Chrome Apps. The Apps section has been finally shut down from the Chrome Web Store. This means that users…

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