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Tips & Tricks - 2017-11-21

How To Import All Your Data From Chrome To Firefox Quantum

The buzz about Firefox Quantum is all over the tech space. For those who’re not aware, Firefox Quantum is the latest update by Mozilla Firefox which happens to be a powerful multiprocessor browser with  lightning fast speed. It promises to enhance your browsing experience remarkably by offering a bunch of useful features. So, if you’re…

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How-To - 2020-07-31

How To See Saved Passwords In Chrome On Android

Google Chrome is one of the smartest and fastest web browsers for desktops and Android. The features it offers are certainly lucrative and exclusive for its audience. There’s indeed a huge difference between the desktop and smartphone versions. However it is more due to various restrictions put on applications of Android and the hardware associated….

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How-To - 2017-11-02

How to Receive Text Messages Directly on Chromebook

Google, the undisputed tech giant is all set to bridge the gap between its two operating systems, Android and Chrome. In an all-new feature, a user can now respond to a message received on his Android-powered smartphone via Chromebook. This feature named, SMS Connect is most likely to come in the upcoming update of Android…

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How-To - 2019-08-02

How to Disable ‘Pull-to-Refresh’ Feature on Chrome for Android

Google Chrome users on Android might’ve noticed that when they over pull a webpage downwards it is  automatically refreshed. This feature is useful when you want to refresh a webpage quickly. A major disadvantage of this is, if you enter any information on a webpage and it gets accidentally refreshed, the information vanishes too. Google…

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Tips & Tricks - 2017-10-31

Useful Chrome Flags For a Better Browsing Experience

What Are Chrome Flags? Chrome Flags are a set of experimental features. They are not inbuilt as direct features as they are still in testing phase. Despite that, some of these feature works very well. We have listed a few features in this article which will make your browsing experience better. As mentioned, these features…

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