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How-To, iOS - 2017-12-05

How to Enable One-Handed Keyboard on iOS 11

One-Handed mode is a very useful feature in big screen smartphones. This feature is useful for those who use their phones while multi-tasking like eating food or doing some other work with other hand. One-Handed feature helps users easily navigate and type on their iPhones. Enabling this feature will move onscreen keyboard little to the…

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How-To - 2017-10-16

How to Share Wi-Fi Password on Your iPhone in iOS 11

Since all of us do not want to get our Wi-Fi passwords hacked, therefore we make them quite complicated. And why not? Why should someone else use our Wi-Fi when we pay for it. However, there are times when you must share your Wi-Fi password with friends or relatives. But what if you forget your…

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How-To - 2017-10-15

How to Enable and Disable Features in iOS11

Apple’s new iOS 11 is packed with many new features. It gives its users the option to enable and disable these features as per their requirement. Often some features annoy users and would prefer to disable them. Also, there may be cases where users may want to enable the feature but are unable to do…

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iOS, Tips & Tricks - 2017-10-11

Customize AirPods Functions In iOS 11 With Ease

With the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last year, Apple also unveiled its first ever wireless headphones. These wireless earbuds were given the name Apple AirPods. While these offered and exceptional sound quality, there were many features that were great. Features like accessing Siri by double tapping and automatically pausing music when…

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iOS, iPhone - 2017-10-10

How to Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication in iOS 11

An added layer of security to phones to prevent unauthorized access to precious data, is a definite welcome. Two-factor authentication was introduced in iOS 10. It’s a simple authentication process which provides your phone with extra security making it more secure. Considering its importance, Apple has decided to continue with this feature in its latest…

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iOS, iPhone - 2017-10-01

How to Scan Documents using Notes app in iOS 11

The introduction of iOS 11 not only brings new features but also enhances functionality in existing apps. Notes app in particular, has seen some changes that users might not be aware of. Hence in this article, we are going to talk about the pre-existing Notes app on your iPhone and it’s new features. Many at…

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iOS, Tips & Tricks - 2017-09-30

How to Use the Podcasts App on iOS 11

Apple finally realized that its Podcast app needs a makeover and iOS 11 gives it a new life. The much-awaited visual update of the app is attractive and it makes it simple to add and listen to podcasts. In addition, to this now it will even recommend a couple of podcasts as it gets to…

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iOS, iPhone - 2017-09-30

How To Disable High Efficiency Image Format in iOS 11

Who doesn’t like capturing special moments? But have you ever wondered how much space these images occupy on your phone? For those not aware, a high definition image can easily occupy a size ranging from 1 – 4 MB. Well that’s too much for a phone with just 16GB or 32GB odd space, isn’t it?…

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