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How-To, iPhone - 2019-08-28

Are You a Radio Buff? iOS 13 Comes with a Nice Surprise

Isn’t it amazing magical how radio gives us some kind of old school vibe? Bet you’re surely agreeing with us on this one, right? No matter how many pre-installed songs and playlists you have on your phone, but listening to songs on the radio is a whole new experience. Live radio gives us a feel…

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iPhone, Tech News - 2018-05-24

Here is What You Can Expect From iOS 12 Update

Since the launch of the first iPhone Apple keep working to make user interface of its smartphones more user friendly interactive and capable of doing more and more things. iOS 11.4 is almost here but we are desperately waiting for the next major update which is iOS 12. As of now we cannot be sure…

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iPhone, Tips & Tricks - 2018-02-05

How To Add Phonetic Names to Contacts on Your iPhone

Have you faced this issue when you ask Siri to call a particular contact, it misunderstands your pronunciation and starts calling the wrong contact? It happens because there is a difference between how we pronounce and how we write names. The good thing is that iPhones have a solution to this problem. You can add…

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How-To, iOS - 2017-12-05

How to Enable One-Handed Keyboard on iOS 11

One-Handed mode is a very useful feature in big screen smartphones. This feature is useful for those who use their phones while multi-tasking like eating food or doing some other work with other hand. One-Handed feature helps users easily navigate and type on their iPhones. Enabling this feature will move onscreen keyboard little to the…

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iOS, Tips & Tricks - 2017-10-16

3 Ways to Free up Messages Space on iPhone & iPad

No matter what device we use, storage happens to be our biggest concern. We always crave for that one extra Gigabyte to stuff our data! Just like every other app, messages occupy a significant amount of storage space on your iPhone. The Messages app not only saves text messages but also stores media files such…

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