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Top 10 - 2018-06-16

Best Resources To Rent Movies Online

There are times when we want to watch a movie but it isn’t available for free. Either it is paid or you can rent it. But, it is not necessary to buy a movie every time, viewers can even rent movies online. As it is the most popular way to watch a movie online today….

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Friday Essentials - 2018-05-11

Friday Essentials: The Top 5 Technologies in Marvel Verse

The latest Marvel venture, ‘Infinity War’ opened worldwide this month. The positive reaction of the public is breaking all records. One of the key factors that works in favor of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is that it has done justice to its multiple characters by allowing them access to their many gadgets and technology…

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Sci-Fi, Top 10 - 2018-12-19

The Best Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix

Watching Captain America saving the world in Civil War or Dr. Strange defeating Dormammu in a time loop, be it any superhero or superheroes fighting a battle for the world or saving the human race, it always makes us skip a  heartbeat. Those 2 or 2:30 hours make you believe in every invention or creation…

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Friday Essentials, Sci-Fi - 2018-02-23

Friday Essential: Wakanda Forever!

Black Panther! What an amazing movie. I have not stop chanting ‘Wakanda Forever’ since leaving the theater. The assemble cast, costumes, the never seen before traditions and the tech… Oh sweet mother of god! The tech is just out of this world. Why won’t it be? Afterall, it was a meteorite that crashed in Wakanda,…

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