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Tips & Tricks - 2018-09-24

Why and How to use Private Browsing On Safari

Like every web browser these days, Safari the default web browser for macOS X also got advanced. It is secure and ready to handle multiple tabs at the same time. But if we talk about private browsing, then it is also equipped with private browsing mode which helps you to browse secretly. There are many…

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How-To, iPhone - 2017-11-27

How To Fix Safari Browser Slowdown On iPhone

You could come across a situation when even after being connected to high-speed internet, your safari browser is runs slow as a snail? It can get extremely frustrating at such times. So to keep you from pulling your hair out, here is something which can fix this problem. Must Read: How To Close Safari Tabs From…

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How-To, iOS - 2017-10-17

How To Make Safari Automatically Open Websites In Reader Mode

Safari, the web browser of Apple, is known for its user-friendly features and security features. It is known to enhance the browsing experience of users. In the recent release of Safari 11, Apple has once again enhanced the pre-existing feature of Safari, Reader Mode. You can now set this as default feature in your Safari…

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