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Android, How-To - 2020-09-29

Resolved: Failed To Obtain IP Address Error on Android

Connecting your Android device to the Wi-Fi network is one of the simplest things. Just pull down the notifications from the top and tap on the Wi-Fi icon, and you are connected to the network. However, this process becomes quite frustrating when you try to connect to a network and are stuck at the error,…

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Android, How-To - 2020-09-17

How To Clear RAM On Android Devices

Android devices are being upgraded in terms of both software and hardware capabilities, catering to thousands of user requirements on the go. The feature-studded mobile operating system has helped users execute various personal and work-related tasks without hassle, supported by various PlayStore applications. However, more are the features; more is the load on the device….

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Android, How-To - 2020-09-22

How to Save Maximum Storage Space on Android?

With all of the latest phones, you get an ample amount of storage space. However, it is less for some of us. Whether you have an old phone or a new phone, full storage can make your phone prone to many problems. Slow speed, hanging apps, actions aborted abruptly, and cluttered storage space. One must…

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Android - 2020-09-08

Is File Manager Enough For Managing Android Phone Storage

Every Android phone, whether powered by the stock Android OS or a third-party operating system based on the Android Open Source Project, comes with a built-in file manager app. In case the File Manager app is not pre-installed, users can always head to PlayStore and download some third-party file explorer alternatives to do the job….

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Android, Apps - 2020-09-05

How Hibernating Apps Can Help Enhance Android’s Performance

With time, most Android devices slow down due to apps running in the background. Sadly, in this technologically advanced age, things shouldn’t be working this way. Android apps need to be smart enough to close themselves, thereby freeing up memory.  But we all know things don’t work this way. Hence, to free up RAM and…

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