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Cyber Security - 2020-10-01

Is There Any One Stop Solution To Keep My PC Safe?

Don’t you wish that your computer always runs smoothly and is free from errors? Well, this is a bit difficult to achieve, given the cyberattack and malware prominence. One-click on a malicious web link or using a public connection is sometimes enough to put your data and system in danger. Thinking what can you do…

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Cyber Security - 2020-11-19

Bitdefender VS McAfee: The Ultimate Comparison

Perplexed about which antivirus you should pick? Well, if you’ve already made a Google search about “Best antivirus software,” then we surely understand your state of confusion. A wide variety of antivirus software is available online, where Bitdefender and McAfee are renowned players in this segment. As cybercriminal activities are increasing rapidly, installing a secure…

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Cyber Security, Windows 10 - 2020-09-30

How to Fix Unallocated Hard Drive on Windows 10

Ever heard of the term “Unallocated hard drive” while using Windows? Well, just how its name implies, an unallocated hard drive is good for nothing, especially in the system’s perspectives. To fix the unallocated hard drive, you need to re-assign a new drive partition so that you can make the most of this unused disk…

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Cyber Security - 2020-09-16

How to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x8e5e021f

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, cybersecurity is a crucial concern in this digital era. It’s a sort of shared responsibility that cannot be neglected under any circumstance. Hackers are always looking for the slightest chance of vulnerability that can allow them to gain unauthorized access to your device. And believe it or not,…

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Cyber Security - 2020-09-04

How To Stop Pop Up Ads On My Computer?

If there is one thing, I don’t like about browsing on the internet; it is those awful ads that pop up every time. Those ads not only distract people but also irritate as you cannot do your work unless you hit the X button, which would be light in colour and not easily visible. Sometimes…

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How-To, Windows - 2020-09-01

How Can I Get Rid Of Malware On My Computer?

Malicious Software or malware comprises all those programs, applications, software, or little pieces of codes that can be injected into your system to either steal your information or perform an activity without your consent. The intent behind developing and using malware is majorly criminal like, and the person is determined to cause your harm. Thus…

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Cyber Security, Tips & Tricks - 2020-09-14

What Does Antivirus Software Do?

Aren’t we all a bit paranoid when it comes to trusting an antivirus software? A myriad of antivirus tools is available online with a high-end, rich feature set. But when it comes to picking one of the best antivirus software from the lot, we all get worked up in reaching up to a decision. In…

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