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How-To, VPN - 2020-09-27

What Is a VPN Kill Switch and How Does it Work

While looking for the best VPN services online, you may have come across the term “VPN Kill Switch” at some point or other, isn’t it? A myriad of VPN services (free and paid) are available in the market featuring plenty of advanced security features. As per the security point of view, using a VPN service…

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VPN - 2020-09-26

How Safe Is VPN For Banking?

Online banking has become very common nowadays, and one of the aspects of online banking is that it can be done anywhere, anytime, even while you are not in your own country or at an airport. But, while doing so, you must be cautious as your details and finances might be vulnerable to attack. If…

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Tips & Tricks, VPN - 2020-09-25

Why Should Bloggers Use A VPN?

Digital writers and bloggers need to research and analyze countless sources to curate an authentic and justified write-up. But while bloggers are at it, they often face barriers to accessing websites due to censorship and regional restrictions. Their site information, private details, and logins also face threats against digital surveillance, hacking/phishing attempts, and network vulnerabilities….

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How-To, VPN - 2020-09-24

Protect Yourself From These 8 VPN Scams In 2020

Thanks to its robust features, VPN Services have increased in popularity to protect users’ privacy & security. Not only do they act as a perfect shield for getting an additional online safety, but they are a powerful means for accessing geo-restricted content, anytime & anywhere. But BEWARE! There’s a long string of hackers out there,…

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Top 10, VPN - 2020-09-25

Why You Should Avoid Getting Lifetime VPN Subscription Plans

If a deal seems too good to be true, then maybe you should not get it!  Lately, companies have been introducing a lot of VPN Plans, which not only allure users with ‘Totally Free VPN Services,’ but are also attempting to excite customers with a favorable value proposition. Well, users are falling into the trap…

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VPN, Windows 10 - 2020-09-22

VPN Stuck On Connecting Issue – Windows 10

VPN is an excellent software to strengthen online security. Using a VPN, you can mask your IP address, conceal your online identity, and prevent yourself from prying eyes such as hackers, ISP (Internet Service Providers), government bodies, etc. Amongst several VPN related issues, one issue which several users are reportedly facing is VPN Stuck on…

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How-To, VPN - 2020-09-21

How To Stay Secure When Visit A Non-Encrypted Http Site

Are you browsing a Non-Encrypted HTTP Site? Want to stay secure? Use Systweak VPN and stay secure when accessing any type of connection. You must have noticed a padlock appears next to the address bar when you browse a site, right? What is this padlock, and why is it there? The padlock is the symbol…

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