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Tips & Tricks - 2019-02-13

6 Useful Tips and Tricks to Master the Uber App

If we look back in the past few years, then we have witnessed that the graph of Uber’s success has undoubtedly followed an upward trend. Uber has certainly become the king of public transportation and it has totally revolutionized the way how we commute. Marketers understand how Smartphones have become a prime necessity for individuals….

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Hacking News, Tech News - 2017-11-25

Uber Masks 2016 Data Breach, Pays Hackers $100,000

The world-famous transportation technology company is in headlines again.  However, this time not for a good cause but for the data breach that happened last year and was till date concealed. Uber is accused of a massive data breach that took place last year in October. It is reported that personal data of 57 million…

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Newsletter - 2017-06-19

Newsletter: Android O Naming Shenanigans & Uber Goes Aqua

QUOTE OF THE DAY “If you don’t have the time to read, you won’t have the time or the tools to write.” ~ Stephen King GOOGLE STILL SEEMS UNSURE ABOUT WHAT ‘O’ IN ANDROID 8.0 WOULD STAND FOR THE STORY Google’s senior vice president, Mr. Hiroshi Lockheimer’s recent tweet blows much theorized ‘Oreo’ out of…

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Tech in Pop Culture - 2017-05-13

7 Things to Keep in Mind on Your Next UBER Ride

Uber has entirely flipped our perspective about Taxi rides; they are indeed one of the smartest public commute service in this age. Easy to pick, digital payment services and sometimes a candy too! Who knew riding Taxis could become this fun one day! Well, if your Uber rides are only limited to simply opening the…

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Newsletter - 2017-05-09


QUOTE OF THE DAY “Never Send a Human to Do a Machine’s Job” – Agent Smith (The Matrix) MICROSOFT FINALLY JUMPS IN ON THE SMART SPEAKER BANDWAGON THE STORY Harman Kardon and Microsoft collaborate to create ‘Cortana-powered competitor’ for Amazon Echo! WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT THAN ECHO? Unlike Amazon, Microsoft have officially licensed the use…

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