Thanksgiving Turkey? Leave It To BLOCKCHAIN

Thanksgiving Turkey? Leave It To BLOCKCHAIN


It’s here! Thanksgiving. Holiday season rings in the time to gobble down on some home cooked wonders back home where we are surrounded by family and friends. Speaking of gobble, tech gurus have found out an interesting way to make our thanksgiving a splendid affair.So, if you’re hunting for a perfect turkey, Blockchain has a solution for you.

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Here’s a disclaimer. While the following may sound to be a little far-fetched, it is in turn today’s reality. Cargill’s Honeysuckle White™ brand, is utilizing Blockchain technology for their Turkeys. Their turkeys (yes TURKEYS!) which will be sold specifically in the great state of Texas, can be found on their own Blockchain. Not its payment, though that probably is the immediate reaction whenever anyone hears the term Blockchain.

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Blockchain technology has many diverse uses. It isn’t restricted to FinTech companies. It acts as a virtual ledger, upon which data or smart contracts can be created and stored. It has helped in many different fields such as Tourism, Education and even Digital Identity.

Speaking of Digital Identity, individual turkeys shall have their own blocks or nodes onto a blockchain. It shall include their food intake, their growth map, even photos of them in the area where they were raised as well as comments from the farmers themselves.

How It Works?

The way it works is very simple. When any customer purchases Cargill’s turkey, it shall have a label on the packaging. This shall include a code, which the customer can enter on the Honeysuckle White website and Voila! All the information at your fingertips.

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Apart from the novelty that it offers its consumers, it is more importantly, a way for the Cargill’s to track its birds and have data to know exactly where a problem arose in case of an event, wherein food safety issue arises. The company also hopes to handle data internally, while offering its customers a better idea of where their food comes from. From Farm to the Fork. A complete transparent solution.

Cargill, Nestle, Dole, Wal-Mart are few companies who have collaborated with Technology and Blockchain giant IBM. They are in lines to follow a 3-step program wherein they can Develop, Govern and Operate via Blockchain Technology. The implementation of this fad, shall help the food industry and help in logistic tracking.

While we offer kudos to Cargill’s for taking such an innovative step in livestock tracking, we just wish and wonder if all those turkeys that have been pardoned by past presidents of USA could have their own blockchain.

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Pardoned turkeys are usually sent to live out the rest of their days either on Disney farms or to Martha’s Vineyard. Imagine 2 turkeys meeting, the Republican and Democratic pardoned turkeys reminiscing over their 10 minutes of fame. Now won’t that be something we would like to know!

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