Tools That Hackers Use To Steal Your Cryptocurrency

Tools That Hackers Use To Steal Your Cryptocurrency


Today, when everyone is running after cryptocurrency, there are only a few who take security seriously. It is understood that the era is changing, and everyone wants to get their head around the new technology, even if they don’t understand it properly. This is the time when you may endanger your savings if you are not aware of Bitcoin stealing tools and scams associated with other cryptocurrencies. In early July this year, Bleeping Computer found suspicious activity which was targeting at defrauding 2.3 million Bitcoin wallets. Here, the hackers were using malware, known as ‘clipboard hijackers’, which is capable of operating in clipboard and can replace the copied wallet address and share it with hackers.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 tools that hackers use to steal your cryptocurrencies:

cryptocurrency stealing tools

1. Phishing:

Although, phishing is an old school method of executing any ill plan. However, it seems that the method is still as effective as the hackers have been using the same to steal your cryptocurrency. They may build a site-clone or a phishing page and make it appear as good as an original website. Moreover, the hackers even substitute the address of the website in the browser. One of the best ways to avoid getting trapped is to never entertain any cryptocurrency website that doesn’t have HTTP/HTTPS in its address bar.

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2. Public Wi-Fi:

Public Wi-Fi is among the highest exploited medium and known as one of the biggest Bitcoin stealing tools. When an unrecoverable vulnerability was found in the month of October last year, it was found that after executing a KRACK attack on a Wi-Fi Protected Access Protocol, which uses routers, the user’s device reconnects to the same Wi-Fi of the hackers. This way, every information sent and received goes under surveillance of the hackers, which they may misuse. This also include the private keys, which many digital wallets offer to strengthen the security. Here, it is important that you never make any cryptocurrency transaction over a public Wi-Fi, even if you’re using a VPN.

Public Wi-Fi

3. Browser Add-Ons:

Many web browsers offer various add-ons to add to them, which they claim to be helpful in smoothening the process of crypto transactions. Although, popular web browsers may be trusted but it is important to know that most of the extensions are built over JavaScript, which makes it extremely vulnerable for the attacks. The reason for this vulnerability is that the technology has become advanced and with Web 2.0, rich internet apps and Ajax, JavaScript and its attendant weaknesses have become very prevalent. This way, if you suspect downloading any extension but unable to find it, simply use a different web browser while making a crypto transaction. Also, you may choose to use incognito mode and never download any crypto related add-on.

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Overall, cryptocurrencies are as valuable as your legal tenders and they need to be secured through various means possible. If you’re holding Bitcoins, you must be aware of the bitcoin stealing tools available in the market, so you could at least form a protective shield against such tools, or at least be cautious. Once you know the tools that hackers use to steal your cryptocurrency, you may learn to fight back or levy protective methods against it. If you know some more tips and tricks about the Bitcoin security, do let us know in the comments below.

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