Top 10 Photo Apps for iPhone - Best iPhone Photography Apps

Top 10 Photo Apps for iPhone – Best iPhone Photography Apps

Duplicate Photos Photography Top 10

In this tech era each mobile phone company is consistently improving its camera quality.  Recently even Google attempted to get higher. It is rumored to have Google Goggle functionality in its camera soon.

This simply tells us how the use of camera is increasing and people now click more pictures than ever. A report on internet statistics suggests that photo sharing is proliferating with each year. Therefore it is natural have many photography apps to make this experience way too better. Let’s check out the top 10 best photography apps for iPhone users. Just to name a few, these apps include camera, editing, sharing and many more.

10 Best Photo Apps For iPhone Photography :-

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer:

duplicate photos fixer for iPhone

You might find a few similar apps, but this is a real effective one. Duplicate Photos Fixer searches for similar images in an iPhone and delete them with user’s consent. The app aims to recover memory by scrubbing out duplicate pictures in a device. This Systweak app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher versions and can run smoothly in iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. User review on the app is good, having 4.5 rating on iTunes. It is the best app to get rid of duplicates.

2. VSCO:

VSCO for iPhone

VSCO is little different in the lot. Its multiple functioning feature makes it a great app. User can enjoy clicking and editing their photos and can create their own community within the app. VSCO journals help connecting with the community. The app has good rating on iTunes and is good in its usability. Get the App here.

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3. Instagram:

Instagram for iPhone top photography app

#thebest#loveforinstagram#photographyapp#.  None of us is deprived of this great app. More than being a photography app, it is a photo sharing platform. It’s nothing much, but just click a picture, and share it with the world. The app has 4 star rating on iTunes and is good in usage. Get the App here.

4. Piclab

piclab for iPhone user

Piclab is a photo editing app. MuseWorks Inc. has brought in some exciting features in the app to incite users. User is given typography, artwork, filters, effect, shapes, and a few more editing preferences to rehash their photos.  The app has 4 star rating on iTunes. Get the App here.

5. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor :

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor is a fantastic photo editing application. It can be considered a must if you are a frequent user of social media applications. This comes as an image management application for the iPhone users which can be a quick solution for changes in images. Developed by Adobe Inc. the app can be considered as a must have app. Get the App here

6. Adobe Photoshop Express:

adobe photoshop express for iPhone users

If you want professional editing software on your phone, then Adobe Photoshop Express is your way. This mobile version of Adobe Photoshop does all major editing on a picture. Though it doesn’t have all functions of desktop version but it is a good substitute. The app has good rating on App store. Get the App here.

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7. Pic Collage:

pic college for iPhone lovers

Collages are the best way to put multiple images together. Pic Collage is a simple and handy app to bring beautiful images at one place. Its stickers, backgrounds, and templates glamorize collages. Numerous users have reviewed the app and it ranks in best collage apps on App Store. Get the App here.

8. Facetune:

facetune best photo apps for iPhone user

Facetune is especially popular for clicking and editing selfies. Its core feature is to eliminate all spots and glorify pictures. This app can be chosen to have perfect selfies. It has 4.5 star rating on App Store. Get the App here.

9. Camera+:

camera+ for iPhone users

iPhone already has an amazing camera and having Camera+ in it is like icing on the cake. This camera app has most features of a SLR. It is the best app for photography freaks. Capture spectacular images with the app and share them on social media platforms. Camera+ has perfect 5 rating on app store, so downloading this app is a good idea. Get the App here.

10. Pixelmator:

pixelmator for iPhone users

Pixelmator is again an editing app. The only unique feature of the app is its layer based editing. It allows users to add multiple edits in one image in different layer. This is similar to Adobe Photoshop editing. The app is nice and has 4 star rating on the store. Get the App here.

All apps in our list have some or the other unique feature that make them different from each other. With these diverse applications on App Store, user has many alternatives to pick the best one for them. Find your favorite app on app store and enjoy using it.

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