14 Best Free Duplicate File Finders and Removers For Windows

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Using a dedicated free duplicate file finder and remover is undoubtedly the best bet to scan your hard drive for unnecessary identical and similar-looking photos, videos, audios, documents & other files. So, whether you’re looking for something easy-to-use or a powerful tool with most advanced filters.

Our Top 3 Choices

Duplicate Files Fixer

  • Can scan different file formats to find duplicates
  • Highly Scalable, can scan thousands of files
  • Easy to use & intuitive interface

Best choice

Easy Duplicate Fixer

  • Find & delete duplicates photos, emails, contacts and more
  • Can detect true duplicates
  • Various scan modes for file search, emails, and other media files.

Best choice

Wise Duplicate Finder

  • Fast scanning engine.
  • Exclude files you don’t wish to scan.
  • Get rid of zero size files.

Best choice

We have the best of the bunch listed for you. But first, let’s discuss why removing duplicates is necessary in the first place. And if you’re impatient enough to read its premises, then you can directly skip to OUR LIST

Why You Should Remove Duplicate Files In Windows ?

Having duplicates is one of the most common and obnoxious issues that almost every computer user has to face. Over time your system starts building up redundant duplicate files that get scattered all over your hard drive, creating lots of confusion. Not only this, duplicate data eats lots of system resources making devices super-slow. Although, having duplicates makes sense as having ‘backup data’, but sheer it has more disadvantages.

There are several reasons why you should get rid of duplicate files immediately:

  • To keep your system well-organized and updated. Hence, speed up your PC for super-smooth performance.
  • To reclaim unnecessary occupied space.
  • Make your PC run faster and super-smooth.
  • Easy access to your favorite photos, videos, and other multimedia files.
  • Saves you from losing an important file. How? Because of so many similar-looking files, you might accidentally delete an essential file. That’s why it’s strongly recommended no to clean duplicates manually.
  • Eventually, increases your productivity by cleaning unwanted duplicates.
Finding and removing duplicate files can be very hectic and time-consuming process, take help of tools ease the process!

14 Best Duplicate File Finders for Windows in 2019

Here’s a rundown to the fourteen most ideal duplicate finder and remover for Windows.

1. Duplicate Files Fixer (Free -Recommended )

Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak Software is an advanced duplicate file remover compatible with almost all popular OS platforms. It effectively scans for near-identical and similar-looking media files such as documents, photos, videos, audios and more. Its fast scanning engine works like magic, you can add hundreds of folders containing duplicates & it all would be detected in no time. The robust application is known for its accurate identification, compatibility with multiple file formats and supports for external devices such as pen drive, memory cards & external disks.

duplicate files fixer for windows 10

Rating: 4.8


  • Intuitive & Easy to Use Interface.
  • Highly Scalable, can scan thousands of files in one go.
  • Capable of Scanning Different File Formats.
  • Flexible Scanning Criteria for Comprehensive Results.
  • Multilingual

Just add files/folders > Click Scan > Enjoy duplicate-free library!

2. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder is another simplistic yet solid option to find and delete duplicate files. The tool allows users to scan for recurrent digital files from different folders or even directory of your choice. With this Windows 10 duplicate file finder, you’ll get more than ten scanning modes for searching and advanced file management. Easy Duplicate Finder allows users to get rid of duplicates in Cloud Storage solutions as well, including Google Drive & Dropbox. You can also preview files before deleting your files & it also features ‘Undo’ button for emergency recovery.

Easy Duplicate Finder
Rating: 4.6 4.6


  • Find and delete duplicates – photos, videos, music files, emails & contacts.
  • Detects true duplicates, irrespective of the file type, size or extension.
  • Multiple scan modes for file search, emails, and other multimedia files.
  • Extra features to recover your accidentally deleted files.

It’s one of the best duplicate finder tools available for Windows XP and above versions. Read the full review.

3. Wise Duplicate Finder

Wise Duplicate Finder is quite quick and easy-to-use software to delete duplicate data. The tool is capable of removing exact & similar-looking images & other files based on name, size, contents & other orientations. It comes quite handy when you want to review the duplicates before deleting them. You can either choose to remove duplicates manually or let the tool get rid of them automatically in a click. Don’t panic if you mistakenly removed the important file, With this software, you can easily restore that specific deleted file too.

Wise Duplicate Finder
Rating: 4.3


  • Fast scanning engine.
  • Exclusion list.
  • Available in more than 25 different languages.
  • Allows you to get rid of zero size files from your system.

Want to learn how to use this software on Windows computer? Read here!

4. Auslogics Duplicate Files Finder

This is another popular duplicate file cleaner available to identify exact & similar images, media files, archives, and even programs so that you can categorize which one to keep. Once you install this amazing tool your system, you’ll be guided throughout a wizard with each step, which makes it one of the finest duplicate cleaner. The only downside arrives with it is, the software displays unnecessary ads on the toolbar which might hamper some user’s experience. Apart from it, Auslogics brings the following benefits:

Auslogic Duplicate File Finder
Rating: 4.5


  • Easy-to-use & systemized interface.
  • Capable of finding and removing duplicate apps, executable files and more.
  • Ignore list available to exclude files you don’t wish to scan.
  • Unlike other tools, Auslogics features a Rescue Center that allows users to restore files from System Restore Points. It might be an added benefit for some users.

The duplicate remover occupies mere 8 MB space on your system resources and is completely free to use with frequent updates.

5. Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder

It is a popular name in the category with a powerful scan engine and SHA-1 algorithm to find and remove duplicate files from Windows. It is equipped with different scanning modes: Byte by Byte, Similar File Names, Duplicate Audios & Non-Duplicate Unique Files. According to usual needs & requirements Byte by Byte, scanning mode should be your go-to option to get rid of all the duplicate images, documents, videos, audios and other digital files in one-go with accurate results.

ashisoft duplicate file finder
Rating: 4.5


  • The interface feels relatively modern than other standard duplicate cleaners.
  • Supports scanning for external storage devices.
  • Allows you to rename, move or copy identical files if needed.
  • Offers a Selection Assistant to mark & remove identical files based on several attributes.

This software claims to be highly-secure and promises to protect all data. You can read more about the software here!

6. CCleaner

You must be thinking that why a PC Cleaning and Optimization tool is included in the list. Well, several of you might not know but CCleaner comes with a dedicated module to delete duplicate data. The software is versatile in nature, capable of cleaning unwanted junk files that hog space and safeguarding user’s privacy with all-round protection.

CCleaner duplicate finder
Rating: 4.6


  • Exclude locations to determine how you want to clean the files.
  • Tools for safe browsing.
  • Features to fix common PC issues are added bonus.

Since CCleaner isn’t a dedicated duplicate remover,  you’ll be offered with standard features for finding duplicate files on the basis of name, type, size & content.

7. Duplicate File Eraser

Next, we have is Duplicate File Eraser by Remo Software. As the name suggests, the software is capable of doing what is required, getting rid of all the duplicates easily & efficiently. You can choose any directory of your choice to delete duplicates from and then select the option whether or not you want to include hidden files or subdirectories also. Once the scanning is complete, all the results get categorized under individual tabs, to easily remove identical files.

Duplicate File Eraser
Rating: 4.2


  • Fast SHA-1, CRC32, MD5 file comparison.
  • Copy/Move duplicates files as and when required.
  • Multi-OS supports.
  • Portable duplicate remover software
  • Easily Import/Export detected results into CSV.

Save your hard disk space by efficiently deleting all duplicates from your system and notice a performance boost simultaneously. Read full review

8. Duplicate File Detective 6

Based on state-of-the-art file content analysis technology, Duplicate File Detective is another useful software to clean duplicates. The tool allows users to search multiple folders, removable storage devices, drives, and even network shares, everything in one-go. Once all the duplicates are detected, you can choose either to archive them or remove all the exact and similar-looking files safely and quickly. It comes compatible with Windows 10,8,7, Vista and Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008.

Duplicate File Detective
Rating: 4.2


  • Built-in Scheduler makes it easy to run reports on a scheduled or recurring basis.
  • Move, delete or zip duplicate files.
  • Comprehensive search filters.
  • Export detected identical files in XML, CSV, HTML, PDF and other formats.
  • Find duplicate audio files via tag extraction and analysis.

Several users have chosen Duplicate File Detective as one of the Best duplicate cleaners.

9. dupeGuru

dupeGuru is another powerful tool to make your system more organized. It features three app modes: Standard Edition, Picture Edition, and a Music Edition, all comprised of multiple scan types. These modes are dedicated to removing every type of duplicates based on Filename, EXIF Timestamps, Contents and more. Users can modify the matching criteria for retrieving accurate results. It is designed in a way to prevent accidental deletion of important files. It gives capabilities to copy/move files to the desired location.

Rating: 4.2


  • Several operational modes and scan types.
  • Detects both identical & similar-looking files.
  • Detected duplicates are categorized on the basis on Filename, size, kind, matching percentage, bitrate (for music files), dimensions (for images).
  • Allows you to filter special files via keywords.

The duplicate cleaner comes compatible to Windows, macOS & Linux platform.

10. Fast Duplicate File Finder

This tool by Mindsgem offers a lot of essential features for free. It comes with one of the best interfaces that allow users to go through the results in a systematized way in neatly sorted columns. The compact duplicate cleaner is available for both free and paid versions. The free version allows users to find only exact duplicates, rename files, auto-check to automatically mark and delete duplicates. If you wish to get features like getting capabilities to detect similar-looking files, use command-line features, exclude folders for scanning and other filters then switch to the pro version.

Fast Duplicate File Finder
Rating: 4.1


  • Detects duplicates on the basis of content and file properties.
  • Allows users to preview found identical files before deleting them.
  • Auto-check & renaming feature sounds useful to several users.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Supports internal/external device storage.

11. Duplicate Cleaner

It allows users to scan the whole drive for a duplicate-free library. The software works on smart comparison algorithms that ensure accurate detection. Duplicate Cleaner is compatible with most of the popular file formats, including JPEG, GIF, RAW, PNG, TIFF, TGA and more. The free version offers three types of scanning mode: Regular Mode, Image Mode & Audio Mode. The latter two versions are available with the professional version.

Duplicate Cleaner
Rating: 4.1


  • Supports multiple file formats.
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts to detect duplicates.
  • Offers a detailed user manual.
  • Several modules to deduplicate system.
  • Help button to get useful information about the software.

Duplicate Cleaner comes with a 15-day free trial & developers releases regular updates in a year.

12. Puran

Next on our list is Puran Utilities. The software is quite fast, responsive and offers accurate results for finding and removing unwanted duplicate data. The software is a complete package of more than twenty tools ranging from Startup Manager, Registry Cleaner, Uninstaller, Disk Cleaner, Duplicate Remover, File Recovery and more.  You can download this duplicate file detector to get rid of duplicates & for optimizing your system for smooth performance.

Puran - File Finder
Rating: 4.0


  • Data Recovery, Fixing Shortcuts, Removing History, Wipe Disk and other utilities come packed with Puran in a single package.
  • Relies on Batch Fix feature to ensure the system is always optimized.
  • Ideal Duplicate Finder for users who do not have professional data

It is compatible with Windows XP and above versions.

13. Duplicate File Finder Plus By Trisun

This tool by TriSun Software is an effortless solution to deduplicate your system storage. Similar to other duplicate file removers for Windows 10, the software can scan all types of media files such as photos, videos, audios, documents, and other multimedia files. The software runs on high-speed comparison algorithms, therefore results in all the duplicates quickly and easily. Detected identical files are based on file contents & not the file name or size.

Duplicate File Finder Plus
Rating: 4.0


  • Smart Selection; automatically checks unwanted duplicates.
  • One-Click solution to find duplicate files in Windows 10.
  • Allows you to perform actions for the checked duplicate data: Save, Move to Recycle Bin, Delete, Show Properties, Copy, etc.

Use this tool to remove unwanted duplicates and recover your valuable disk space in a few clicks.

14. VisiPics

Visipics is a multi-functional tool designed to eradicate the need for searching for duplicate data manually. The duplicate file remover is quite easy-to-use and doesn’t overcomplicate things much. Unlike other tools, VisiPics does much more than just looking for identical files, it also helps users to detect similar-looking images. The software is equipped with five comparison filters in order to get accurate results.

Rating: 4.0


  • Detected duplicates are listed in groups & displayed as small thumbnails for quick navigation.
  • Auto-Select option to automatically mark smaller & uncompressed copies as duplicates.
  • Ignore list to exclude specific folders from scanning.

Want to know more about VisiPics Click here to read its full review!


So, there you have it! 14 Best Duplicate File Finder For Windows. Some of them are quite powerful like Duplicate Files Fixer & Easy Duplicate Finder, providing seamless & hassle-free interface for accurate detection. Furthermore, these tools also help users to boost system performance significantly!

These were our recommended Duplicate File Remover tools for Windows users, if you have suggestions for something different, sound off in the comments below!

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