The Best Duplicate File Finder and Remover Software

The Best Duplicate File Finder and Remover Software

duplicate removal tool Top 10 Windows

Duplicate Files Fixer

Best Duplicate File Finder

  • Can scan different file formats to find duplicates
  • Highly Scalable, can scan thousands of files
  • Easy to use & intuitive interface

When looking for solutions to optimize the storage space on your computer, one needs a duplicate file finder software. The confusion and redundancy is a hurdle in smooth operations, which needs to be resolved. In this article, we have discussed the method to find and remove duplicate files present on your system.

A duplicate file remover is a utility tool that can find and delete the duplicate files including audio, video, doc and more from your PC. Duplicate file fixer is one such recommended tool to use for efficiently getting rid of the duplicate files from your computer.

Here is The List of  Top 10 Best Duplicate File Finder Software

  1. Duplicate Files Fixer
  2. Auslogics
  3. Ashisoft
  4. CCleaner
  5. Wise Duplicate Finder
  6. VisiPics
  7. Duplicate File Eraser
  8. Mindgems
  9. Puran
  10. Trisun

Which is The Best Tool to Find and Remove Duplicate Files?

Duplicate Files Fixer is the best duplicate file finder software. It scans the system precisely with add multiple criteria and removes the duplicates creating space in your system.

  • User Interface:

The tool is light-weight and comes in small size; therefore, it is easy on system resources. It will help you get all the results for duplicate files on your system accurately. It can scan different formats of files – images, videos, text, audio and documents.

  • Easily select the location:

The software gives you options to choose from folders or drive to remove duplicates. This makes sorting files on your system very handy. Also, this utility tool gives you a choice to exclude specific files and folders during the scan, which is another useful feature. If you want, you can add selective files or folders to scan for duplicate files, and it still works efficiently.

  • Set Scanning Criteria:

You can organize files by the Date modified, date created, file size or file path. Choose from the several options available in the tool to manage the selection of duplicates marked. Select the marked files in a group or choose manually. You can also customize the Auto mark option.

  •  Free up Space:

Duplicate Files Fixer easily remove duplicates taking up too much space. This comes equipped with functions that help you recover space acquired by duplicates.

How to Remove Duplicate Files on Windows Computer:

Use this duplicate file finder to remove the duplicates from your computer in a few simple steps. All you need to do is add the software to your computer. Let’s start with the steps to use Duplicate Files Fixer to find and remove duplicates.

Step 1: Download Duplicate Files Fixer from the link below and start with its successful installation.

Step 2: Run the program, and you will see the home screen of the tool, Duplicate Files Fixer includes a bunch of actions to select from, to start with the action of going through your system files. You can choose which folders or files need to be scanned for duplicate files. Excluded folder or files section can be used to add all that you want to exclude from this scan process. You can additionally select the Protected folder to keep the data on it safe and untouched.

duplicate files fixer

Step 3: Click on Start Scan, once you are done adding all the files and folders to Duplicate Files Fixer. The scan takes place in a few moments and shows you results in a short time.

Step 4: The scan results will show you all of the files with duplicates. Now you can select from Auto mark and manual method to mark the copies. Auto mark will leave one file intact and mark all other copies for a file. While manually, you can choose as many as you like.

Step 5: Click on ‘Delete Marked’ to remove the duplicates. This will now give you a system free from duplicates.

delete marked using duplicate files fixer

Important features-

  • You can change the settings for Automark from the Modify Selection option.
  • Also, you can reverse the action and undelete the duplicates with ‘Undo’ button.
  • The last scan report will help you show the data of duplicates that is stored in the tool.
  • Manage Duplicates will let you export the duplicates list to keep data for further use.

Why Should We Use Duplicate Files Fixer?

  • Best Customer reviews ensure functionality.
  • The tool is certified by AppEsteem.
  • User- Interface is intuitive and straightforward.
  • A robust algorithm is used to search for all duplicates.
  • Lightweight and easy on system resources
  • Enhances the speed and performance of PC
  • CPU processes are fast as the memory is not filled to the brim.

Wrapping up :

You can use Duplicate Files Fixer and quickly get rid of all the duplicates from your PC. By scanning the system thoroughly, it gives you the best results by clearing out the unnecessary files. Other duplicate file remover tools that work well are from CCleaner and Auslogics. You can see the significant change in the performance after all the duplicates are removed. This change helps your system run on optimal speed, and it enhances the user experience.

With the list of best duplicate file finders, above you can choose any tool to remove duplicates. Let us know how was your experience with the selected software. Please mention your views in the comments section below.

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  • Henry
    I was searching for a software to remove duplicate files in Windows 10 and I think that I have the best list of such software so, thanks for giving such a nice list.

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  • Hugh Epley
    It looks like I still have a bunch of duplicates, which I thought this program would remove.

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  • Grace Winter
    Wow! This is a cool list of duplicate file removers, will surely try one of them. Thanks

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  • Herry
    Duplicate files consume a lot of space in the storage so these files must be removed and using a software will be the best option because it is very difficult to find all the duplicate files manually. According to my research the above given list is perfect for such software. I have read very nice reviews about ‘Duplicate Cleaner’ and ‘Duplicate Files Fixer’ These would the best in the list.

    2 years ago Reply
  • Valerie O'Brien
    Hello and thanks very much. Do any of these programs allow the user to unselect all duplicates within a specific folder? For example if I had the same song in my iTunes Music folder, a Desktop folder, and in a folder on an external hard drive, is there a setting or other way to specify that duplicates should be removed from the Desktop and External HDD and not the iTunes Music folder? Appreciate your help very much.

    2 years ago Reply
  • Astris
    Thank you for this list. I tested and compared all the software.

    The most complete and the most interesting is certainly Duplicate Files Fixer.

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