Top 4 ICOs To Invest In 2nd Half Of 2018

Top 4 ICOs To Invest In 2nd Half Of 2018


The evolving strong yet turbulent world of cryptocurrency is even more out of control now. With everyday projects, Blockchain technology and Initial Coin Offerings, it is really difficult to think about in which one to invest.But, since the ICO came into market, it has taken all the attention of the investors and buyers. As reported ICOs have been much profitable than Cryptocurrencies or any other coins. So, if you are looking to invest in ICO this second half of 2018, then we are here with the Initial Coin Offering lists of top four organizations.

And, before we begin let us take a look at the brief description of what actually Initial Coin Offering or ICO is.

What Is ICO?

ICO is short form of Initial Coin Offering. ICO is basically a fundraising process by organizations for their new crypto projects. In which organization give investors some units of underlying crypto tokens in exchange for Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. ICO investment is slightly similar to Initial Public Offering (IPO), where consumers invest their money by purchasing shares of an organization.

ICO could be a next revolutionary tool to manage the financial system.

Now, let us start with the list.

1. Neonexchange (NEX)

Neonexchange (NEX)

To perform high volume, complex and cross-chain trading NEX is on top of the Initial Coin Offering list. It uses an off-chain matching engine to execute complex and faster trades. It also consists of Smart Contracts where trades can be done. And, this is not it, NEX’s main component is Payment Service, through which NEO and GAS can be converted into tokens and also be directly transferred via Smart Contracts. If you are looking to invest in ICO, then this is definitely the best choice.

2. Merculet


With three of its major components Merculet has developed a user-driven and Attention Value Network (token: MVP) exchange and is anytime a good option for ICO investment. Those three components are:

  1. User Attention Value (UAV) Evaluations System
  2. User Attention Tokens (UAT)
  3. Open Content Platform

With these components and an open protocol set, Merculet is trying to connect both the demand & supply sides of attention.

3. OneLedger


It has a modularizations tools to allow entrepreneurs to focus on developing the application for their business. It functions on a three-layer protocol for a more effective and efficient blockchain application. The first layer is the Role based consensus protocol, second is the Side Chain consensus protocol and last layer is Public consensus for high performance and efficiency. This mechanism is used to make organizations or business application interact with more private and public blockchains simultaneously.

4. Lendingblock


It is an exchange platform where defaulters and moneylenders are connected in a safe, simple and transparent way. Lendingblock has developed an open exchange for asset loans to focus on liquidity in the currently rising crypto world. It allows and provide users cross-blockchain transfers, which means both the lenders and buyers can accept exchanges in return for nay digital asset. Whereas, lenders get interest from buyers, till the time loan or debts are not payed. This is also a good option if you are thinking of ICO investment.

So, this was all from us! This is the Initial Coin Offering list if you are looking to invest in ICOs.

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