Top 5 Apps for Apple Watch – Best Apple Watch Apps

Top 5 Apps for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Top 10

Apple launched Apple watch last year. It introduced plethora of great apps for the new accessory. These apps help in performing the common task easily and add value to iPhone apps.

Here are top five apps listed for Apple watch users. Take a look.

1. Dark Sky – A Weather App:-

dark sky apple watch app
It is a built-in weather app with distinguished features for Apple Watch users. It is acquired with features, like, current temperature, conditions and time before sunrise at your location. You can look for more detailed information on scrolling down, such as, visibility, wind speed.

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Switching to the right offers weather report for the next five days. The weather report comprises of abstract details which contain high/low temperature, an elaborated summary and pictorial representation of hour-by-hour conditions throughout the day.
Glance feature of Dark Sky provides current temperature and conditions.

2. Overcast- Play Podcasts here:-

overcast apple watch apps

Overcast podcast player for apple watch users is self-sufficient. Apple does not need to introduce its own Podcasts app. Although you cannot play podcasts straightaway on Apple Watch but can regulate the playlist on your iPhone. Smart speed feature automatically reduces the silences in talk shows. Conversations will sound natural until you see how much time you have saved!

3. Shazam-   Identify any song anytime:-

shazam app for apple watch

Shazam is a great music app which helps you to identify songs being currently played. Whether you are listening to a song in marriage, birthday party, or in the middle of road, just launch the app and watch the screen with highlighted lyrics played on the screen in sync with the music. Using apple watch to find songs is handier than using iPhone.

4. Workout- Maintain Health:-

workout app for apple watch

Workout app helps in maintaining track of your favorite workouts. It gives you progress updates during workout. It generates an alert when you finish your target. Get reminders after every mile or kilometer and detailed summary after you complete your workout.

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You can lock your Apple watch so that you don’t tap accidentally anything on the screen. Locking the screen will save you from changing metrics, or ending workout by mistake.  Press the display strongly and tap Lock. When you are done with workout session, again press the display firmly and tap unlock.

5. Epicurious Smart Timer- Cook precisely:-

epi for apple watch

Apple watch provides assistance to cooks by providing smart timer. You can enter the meal that you are going to cook and the app will calculate the time required to cook the food. The app also provides regular updates for guiding that how end product should look like.  Any novice can easily cook food with this app without burning it! You too can try your hands at cooking! This cooking app won’t let your food get burnt!

The new concept of bringing apps on a smartwatch by Apple ensures a promising future of the device. Try out these cool apps and make your life simple.

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