Top Feats That Will Rekindle Your Faith In Cryptocurrency

Top Feats That Will Rekindle Your Faith In Cryptocurrency


No matter how rapidly cryptocurrency has surged in past two years, a big chunk of people still believe that it is going to collapse in no time. But, hasn’t  future been always  unpredictable?  So, before you make a decision, rather than going by the words of the people who haven’t ever ventured in this field don’t you think it would be better to  to analyze and follow the trail of those who have walked the path?. Although it is good to be cautious and not invest everything in digital currency, but if you can bear a little risk for a profit, you must do it. It is understood that the current cryptocurrency market is suffering and almost every currency is at its lowest, especially the Bitcoin. But, you can make the most of this moment and get them at their low and sell once you reach to a profitable sum. If you’re skeptical about investing in digitals, we’ve got the top three feats to rekindle your faith in cryptocurrency:

Faith In Cryptocurrency
Source: Digital Media Wire

1. American Express Integrates Blockchain for Reward:

AmEx, the much popular global financial institution has announced a Blockchain application to its Membership Rewards program. Boxed, a wholesale membership-free retailer, is going to partner with AmEx, according to the press reports. AmEx revealed that it is going to integrate Blockchain methodology, which would be developed by Hyperledger, which is an open source Blockchain project under the Linux Foundation. It would help AmEx get improved customer engagement as merchants can design customized offers.

American Express Integrates Blockchain for Reward

AmEx, this way, is experimenting new programs instead of promoting specific items, that is going to help its merchants launch campaigns targeted to specific customers especially those, who’re indulged in cryptocurrency market. Chris Cracchiolo, head, Membership Rewards program, said, “They can create programs based on a time of day, day of the week, by incentivizing a customer to download their app. The number of ways merchants can reward customers with Membership Reward points will be exponentially increased.”. The foremost objective of the company is to render customer-specific rewards that include points digital currency or specific items linked to a product.

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2. IBM Announces 1,800 New Jobs In Blockchain, AI, and IoT:

Virginia Rometty, CEO, IBM has recently announced that the organization is on its way to generate 1,800 jobs in next two years. These jobs will be in the fields of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). The announcement was made in the presence of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron at the Tech for Good summit in Paris.

IBM Announces 1,800 New Jobs In Blockchain, AI, and IoT

It has been observed that IBM has been steadily getting into the Blockchain technology and by using it in number of projects. IBM has also partnered with Danish Transport & Logistics Co.  Maersk to develop a Blockchain-based shipping and supply chain venture in January. Also, IBM revealed that Blockchain technology will be used by the world’s smallest computer and soon be “embedded into everyday devices”. This step may bring a surge in cryptocurrency market.

3. Japan’s Biggest Bank to Roll Out Blockchain Payment by 2020:

Japan’s Biggest Bank to Roll Out Blockchain Payment by 2020

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group MUFG, the biggest Japanese financial institute, with Akamai Technologies, a cloud service provider, has claimed to develop the world’s most scalable and fastest payment processing platform that will be ready by 2020. The company stated that their Blockchain platform is equipped with a unique design that emphasizes on high speed and better capacity creation and verification of new blocks and nodes that result in faster transaction speed and better capacity while preserving the intrinsic advantages of Blockchain.

Overall, cryptocurrency may be highly volatile but it can deliver the highest return on your investment compared to other “valid” investments. However, it is important that you read the whitepaper of the currency that you’re planning to invest in and only proceed if you’re convinced. Also, it is recommended to invest the sum that you can bear losing and not invest a big amount. If you  wish to share any knowledge about cryptocurrency market technology, do let us know in the comments below.

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