Tron Coin: Is It Really Worth The Hype?

Tron Coin: Is It Really Worth The Hype?


In a twisting turn of events, one of the most popular cryptocurrency, Tron Coin started its migration process on 21st June 2018. This cryptocurrency was created by Justin Sun who aims to build an entirely decentralized Internet which is capable enough to host decentralized applications. The project initially started with the Ethereum Blockchain but later got independent. What’s interesting in this? Sun claims to compete with the former Blockchain Ethereum. Yes, it is growing but a lot has been changed. So much of hype surrounds this cryptocurrency, that it is almost impossible to distinguish truth from myth!

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We cannot deny the fact that marketing of any cryptocurrency is an integral part, but only investing in marketing and not anything else is definitely a bad idea. Business surrounding cryptocurrency aim for expansive market campaigns and huge budgets for ICOs. Yes, healthy marketing is always appreciated as it makes people understand about the working and other details. But if this goes way more than required, then it raises questions in mind! Same is the case with Tron cryptocurrency! This one also has an excessive bill from marketing team. In only 10 months it has become so popular that every household knows about this one! But an inevitable question surrounds it , besides Marketing, how good is the Tron project?

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What Has Created the Hype?

The marketing methods of Justin Sun are exceptional and it has made people wonder if they should trust in this or not! He, being primary developer, goes way far to ensure that even the small milestones are known to people. We don’t blame him, he is just trying to tell others that his project is superior than others, but it can be done with modest marketing as well, isn’t it? He even got into trouble when Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin accused him for plagiarizing the idea! Also, several experts claimed that Tron cryptocurrency is making promises that it won’t be able to fulfil.

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Is There Anything Beyond the Exaggeration?

Here arises a major question, if Tron has potential or not? Whether it has any scope? Well, if we take a look at the market right now, Tron is doing well! Also, it is claimed to be sustainable in this competitive world of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Tron Coin has set its eyes on future events that are well planned. But what should attract your attention is the fact that this one is capable of solving several issues which might affect digital marketing! Do you know about them? Well, keep reading to get enlightened!

Net Neutrality

Unless you are living under a rock, you might know that net neutrality has become a buzzword. Tron is working to make sure that creator has more control over its creation not the ones who have no part in creating it! This is said to unleash Web 4.0 where everybody has a stake in economy of web.

Advertisement Industry

You might know that advertising  has evolved by heaps and bounds. Tron has an approach to provide quality content and advertise at the same time! It says that monetizing the comments section is an optimal idea! As many people read comments after reading a content or watching a video, it can help in mass advertisement that too without spending too much!

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So, there is literally no harm in supporting Tron! However, we would recommend that you invest on any cryptocurrency only after analyzing the market and scope for yourself! There are several predictions made about this cryptocurrency, but market is unstable and we don’t know what will happen next! Therefore, keep your eyes open and be alert, Tron cryptocurrency might be the one for which you were waiting!


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