Tweak Photos - Your Ultimate Batch Photo Editing Tool!

Tweak Photos – Your Ultimate Batch Photo Editing Tool!

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It’s a little late in the day but here we are. We have kept our promise!

Without further ado, let’s give you a complete lowdown of Tweak Photos, the cool new photo editing tool for every photography enthusiast in town (and beyond!). It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional, a rookie, or just that girl/guy next door who loves to fiddle with the camera; with Tweak Photos you can create photos just to your liking.

Editing is an art in itself. And we don’t just mean photo editing.

“I love editing. It’s one of my favorite parts about filmmaking.”

Guess who are we quoting here? Steven Spielberg! We are sure Spielberg must be having a great editing team to have come up with classics like Jaws, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park (and we can go on and on).

Anyway, let’s come back to Tweak Photos for the moment. How many times have you sat gaping at your computer with piles and piles of photos? From the last vacation you took to the wedding at which you just couldn’t stop clicking pictures. A lot many times, for sure. Tweak Photos lets you organize and edit HUNDREDs photos in just a few clicks.

You get to preserve your memories well and touch-up all those photos, in less the half the time a traditional photo editing tool would take. Let’s give a brief tour of the app then.

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Basics first.

Before getting into the fancy bits, let’s cover the basics. Tweak Photos has all the functionalities of the average photo editor: Crops, rotations, filters, effects. Only, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to applying filters and effects.  And of course, once you have decided the edits to be applied, you can do them for the selected photo album with just one click.

Finer Details.

Now on to the more interesting features. When you are clicking photos in volumes, all your getting by way of identifying those photos at a later date are random numbers. Long, complicated ones. Tweak Photos comes with a simple solution: Batch Renaming. You give the input once for a particular batch, say ‘Mac’s Wedding.jpg’. The app will rename the rest of the photos in that batch. Similarly, you can resize photos with a single click. You can even convert photo formats with Tweak Photos.

The intuitive app comes with ‘Smart Error Reporting and Preview’. If you unknowingly commit an error while renaming and/or converting your photos, you’ll get an alert to correct the process before applying the changes. And if you want to make some more changes during the process, you can do so with the help of ‘Multi-Layer Management’. Basically, you can manage, edit, delete your batch editing steps and even control the sequence of application easily.

Editis multiple photos Tweak Photos

And once you are done with the editing, you can save you favorite filter, effect, and other features as ‘Favorite’ for the next session of editing.

Things you should know. 

Tweak Photos is available for Mac users at the moment. Being a compact app, it takes up much less space on the memory as compared to similar apps. It also has a much better processing speed and photo output quality. Tweak Photos gives you the option to add your complete iPhoto/Photos Library option, which is a unique feature.

Also, you can add filters to a batch of photos chronologically. i.e. date-wise. The ‘Renaming’ feature comes with a ‘Quick Preview’ and various ‘Naming’ options, a feature similar tools lack.

Above all, the app supports 50 + different image formats including RAW images direct from the DSLR.

Edits DSLR Photos Tweak Photos

And finally…

This is what some of you said about Tweak Photos.

I am one of this self-appointed photographers at family functions and weddings. And I click a lot of photos. With Tweak Photos I can give all of them the best of edits.  It’s got an amazing user interface and image controls. ~Alex Onibogi, Nigeria

This app looks awesome and very useful. I must say great way to process thousands of photos together. I really like how it looks and what it does and all in just few minutes! ~Dimple, India.

So organize, edit, curate your precious clicks. All in few minutes’ work!

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