Waves: Is This the Cryptocurrency That You Were Looking For?

Waves: Is This the Cryptocurrency That You Were Looking For?


Like it or not, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will change every facet of your life. However, it’s going to take a lot of time because Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and still needs to break several barriers! Yet, almost each day a new ICO or a setup comes to vision even when they know that getting funds is not as easy as snapping fingers! Also, it has been seen that buying and selling crypto assets is not convenient in several countries, but what if there’s a way to reduce all the friction and make our lives better? Well, the Waves has been introduced for the same!

Waves crypto has taken the world by storm, the brands such as Deloitte, Burger King, AIFC, and Moscow Stock Exchange are planning to invest in this! The Waves coin  prices are increasing exponentially which cannot be ignored! But what is so special in this?

Is This the Cryptocurrency That You Were Looking For

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What Is Waves?

Waves is the name for both, a proof of stake Blockchain and the cryptocurrency that fuels it. With Waves, you can not only launch your own cryptocurrencies but also decentralize trading and crowdfunding. The reason behind this is that it has integrated Fiat currency gateways in your Blockchain wallet.

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According to the experts, through Waves, one can launch ICOs as well to fund their projects from across the world that too without going through cryptocurrency coding. This will bring revolution to the emerging startups and will eventually give rise to a new era of community-backed projects. The Waves cryptocurrency has significant tradable value according to the stock exchange experts. But what about its features?

What are Key Features of Waves?

You might be wondering why one should prefer this over others, right? Well, read the points given below and you’ll be convinced for the same!

WavesDex-  Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized. Simply put, all the funds which are active on the exchange are kept at one place. We cannot deny that there are some advantages to this model, such as speed. But this makes assets vulnerable to Distributed Denial of Service attacks and hacking. To overcome this, Waves platform has its own decentralized exchange known as DEX. This allows users to trade their Bitcoin/Ethereum, etc., in exchange for any other asset token issued on the Waves platform directly. And thus, the vision of blockchain, that is low fees, and fast transactions are fulfilled partially.


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Tokenization– The next exciting feature about this is that you can even launch a new crypto token on Waves platform easily. Also, you can decide how many tokens are to be issued, what name should be given to the token, and other details.

Smart Contracts – Waves is said to be using simplified smart contracts that are powerful and secure. Moreover, as they enable easy token creation, you’ll love this.

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There are many more key features such as it has Fiat Gateways, is good enough for both incorporated and decentralized frameworks, has fixed supply, and many others. But still why should one invest in this? Because this is different! Genuinely! Unlike Bitcoin that exists only as a cryptocurrency, Waves is a software framework that is made up of many different tools that help developers in building applications. And in order to run those, users pay via the Waves tokens.

How Can You Buy Waves Cryptocurrency?

As of now, the its token can be purchased with Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bittrex, Tidex, and YoBit. The Waves platform facilitates direct exchange between Fiat currencies as well. To store this, you will be required to download the official Waves client. However, you can also have Waves Wallet, WavesLiteApp, WavesGUI, etc., and they’ll serve you equally well!

You’ll be more than happy to know that some of the use cases are already being built and a few are still under production. Tokenomica, Upcoin, ZrCoin,
MobileGo, EncryptoTel, Incent, are some of them.

How Can You Buy Waves Cryptocurrency

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Should You Invest in Waves Coin?

We cannot deny the fact that Waves is one of the most prominent Blockchain platforms in the market and has by being innovative has become quite famous in short span! Not to forget, it has a sizeable community as well. The positive developments of the Waves have been reflected prominently in the value of its digital token. Despite not being a lot popular, it is one of the most promising Blockchain projects. However, Waves is a volatile altcoin and thus the overall exposure to this should be limited. So, if you are someone who is interested in cryptocurrencies, this should definitely be in your good books.

As new cryptocurrencies are hitting market each day, we cannot determine how long Wave will stand out from the rest. However, we certainly recommend you keep an eye on this one. What do you think? Don’t forget to tell us about the same!

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