Ways For Prevention From Cryptocurrency Scams And Hacks

Ways For Prevention From Cryptocurrency Scams And Hacks


We born all knowing, are we born knowing all? We growing wiser, but does that mean we know everything? Of course not.

And when we talk about cryptocurrency and scams, we don’t know anything about them, who does it, where does the currency go, how the hack was done? At last, all you know is that it’s all gone.

But, don’t worry! There are practices and preventions that could be performed with the time remaining. So, today, in this article, to prevent you from cryptocurrency hacks and scams, we will be talking about some of the ways that could help you come out of this hellhole.

1. Strong Password Is Mandatory

Cryptocurrency Scams And Hacks

A weak password can easily lead anyone to your account. Anyone who knows you and your family can guess your password. So, it is always better to keep strong passwords that can’t be guesses and is difficult to hack. For this, there are several password generators that could generate millions of passwords in minutes.

A strong password should always be a combination of numbers, symbols, capital letters and small letters. For example, #HiK55$ATno. Make sure you pen down this password in your personal notebook. As you may forget your password with time.

It is recommended by the security experts to always use two factor authentication (2FA), which gives an extra layer of security.

2. Verify First Before Transactions

It is always advisable to verify first before performing the transactions. This is because many of the buyers and investors doesn’t have much knowledge about the provider or lender. It is not necessary that you are buying it from an authenticated source as there are several middlemen as well.

It is also advisable that you perform a small amount transaction first, just to check the security of transaction and also whether the seller is authenticated or not.

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3. Double Check Everything

Cryptocurrency Scams And Hacks

There are several hacks that could lead you to fake pages and vendors. So, it’s always better to cross check everything before clicking on any given link as it may lead you to some cryptocurrency scam. Make sure you don’t click on any ads while doing the transaction.

Be sure of what you are buying, whether the seller is registered & verified or not. This is because, fake sellers or adware may lead you to various other fake web pages that are used as a bait for scam. By this, actors can even get in to your system, resulting in exploitation of your data.

4. Use Hardware Wallet

Cryptocurrency Scams And Hacks

This is the most safe and secure way to keep your passwords and private keys. Hardware wallet is a device that can store your private keys in it. It is invulnerable to malware and viruses.

Hardware wallets are easily available in the market, so it’s better to buy one before doing further transactions.

This was all guys! These are some of the prevention that we could take to stay away from cryptocurrency scams and to avoid them. So make sure you follow the given ways to keep your cryptocurrency safe and secure.

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