5 Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Experience With Technology

3 Ways to Enhance Your Yoga Experience With Technology

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While the world is becoming more and more advanced when it comes to digital technology, yet health awareness, mental peace, and fitness are still not a priority for many. Yoga is one such practice that makes you realize about the inner self and brings out positive energy within. Although it might be hard to correlate yoga with tech, scroll below to learn more.

Let’s just say, you can infuse these parallel paths with technical additions into your yogic lives. If you wonder how, we have compiled here some products like yoga pants, yoga apps, best online yoga classes and other paths that not just enhance personalized Yoga experience but also boost up both the communities together.

Right from your living room to garden outside, office hours to finally sleeping on the bed, technologies never leave you alone and so these healthy hacks!

Health-Tech 1: Induct Smart Yoga Apps In Your Phone

Now that apps are making your life easier in almost all situations, why not to enhance the effects of Yoga with them? Based on your time availability and specific concerns like weight loss, breathing, etc., these yoga apps bring you close to healthy living and stress-free environment.

Apps like Daily Yoga, Yoga Studio can do wonders in your life for sure! For more details about them, click on 10 best yoga apps today.

Smart Yoga Apps

We would also recommend another app to limit yourself from social world affairs along with maintaining a calm and relaxed life. Social Fever for Android is one classic example that not only limits the usage of Instagram, Facebook, etc. on phone but also reminds you to take activities that you love. They include swimming, cooking, walking with your pet or just sip a glass of water. Isn’t that great?

Health-Tech 2: Interactive Clothing

How about wearing Yoga clothes or Yoga pants that alarm you about the correct posture and body alignment? Great, isn’t it? Wearable X has an interesting product with the name of Nadi X! These pants provide a gentle vibration to your body if the posture goes off-beat. Also, it connects your phone and pants with Bluetooth Low Energy for ultimate sync between the two.

Interestingly, these Yoga pants are easily washable to maintain hygiene at one end whereas its sensors remain perfectly alright at another.

online yoga classes

Health-Tech 3: Connect YouTube Yoga Channels On Your TV/Phone (Free Online Yoga Classes)

Amidst so many YouTube channels that connect your life towards eternal energy through Yoga, some of the best online yoga classes include:

  1. Yoga with Adriene: “Find what feels good” is the only motto to stay happy, according to Adriene and she believes that yoga is one way to feel that happiness.
  2. Purple valley Ashtang Yoga: Loaded with Wellness tips, meditation, and chanting videos along with intense Yoga classes), they can make your whole day calm and relaxing.
  3. Spirit Voyage: Having a base of Kundalini Yoga, this channel is more or less spiritually focused and suits all those who believe in overall spiritual health.
  4. Yoga with Time: Aiming to transform your lifestyle through physical yoga, it will keep your whole body fit and work-ready.
  5. Mysore Yoga Training Institute (Samyak Yoga): Along with following the yoga classes, get inspired by Yoga students from all around the world.

yoga clothes

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Yoga & Tech: Every-Body’s Inspiration

When blending of two worlds into one can bring an ultimate positivity in terms of mental and physical health, there couldn’t be anything better than that. These yoga gadgets and apps mentioned above will let you delve into a new aura and stress-free lifestyle. Stay happy and stay positive!

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