What is App Hibernation on Android? How Does It Work?

What is App Hibernation on Android? How Does It Work?

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Hibernation is generally associated with Bears, and it means to sleep for a very long time (sometimes the complete winter season) after having a delightful and heavy meal. When it comes to Smartphones, app hibernation refers to shutting down the app completely so that it does not contact its server or receive and alerts and notifications. Most social media apps remain connected and active in the background, leading to the consumption of phone resources like Battery and RAM.

Hibernating apps in Android saves a great deal of Battery, RAM, and Internet data. It makes no sense to let an app consume your resources even when you do not use them by working quietly in the background. This is mostly done by social media apps that try to keep their app updated with messages, posts, and alerts. When you hibernate an Android app, you are not disabling it completely or uninstalling it, but you are putting it to sleep, which can be woken up by tapping the application once.

How To Hibernate Apps In Android Using Cleaner For Android?

Hibernate Apps In Android

There is no default feature to hibernate an app in Android. For this, you will have to use an all-in-one multi-utility tool like Cleaner for Android than can help you in App Hibernation. Here are the steps to use this feature:

Step 1: Download and Install Cleaner for Android from the Google Play Store or click on the official link.

Download Now Cleaner for Android.

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Step 2: Tap on the app to launch it on your smartphone, and you will find a lot of options or tools.

Step 3: Scroll down until you locate Hibernate Apps and tap once to view a list of all apps installed in your system.

Step 4: There would be three tabs displayed, staring System Apps, User Apps, and Hibernated apps.

Step 5: Tap on any app from the list of system or user apps, and it would move to the Hibernate apps section and end all the background processes immediately.

Note: It is recommended not to hibernate any system app as it can result in a phone crash. You can only attempt if you are aware of the consequences.

Step 6: Tap on the Hibernated apps list, and you will find all the sleeping apps here.

Hibernated apps list, hibernate apps android

Note: To remove an app from hibernation, you can just tap on the app name in the hibernated apps list, and it will move back to the user’s list, and all the background process will activate.

Why should you Install Cleaner For Android in your Smartphone?

Install Cleaner For Android in your Smartphone

The Cleaner For Android is a fantastic app that is packed with awesome features other than the ability to hibernate apps. This apps has many useful utilities and tools all packed under one interface.

Malware Protection. The Cleaner For Android offers protection from malicious software like malware, adware, trojans, worms, and viruses. The malware database is regularly updated and shield your smartphone from any type of infections.

Private Browsing. The Private Browsing features lets the users surf the internet with no cookies, cache, or browsing history being stored or shared. It allows users to enjoy safe browsing with no risk of loss of personal information.

File Explorer. The Cleaner For Android app also boasts of a file explorer app that allows the users to categorize all the files stored on the smartphone into various categories like Photos, Music, Videos. Documents, WhatsApp Files, and Large files. This helps to check each type and delete the unwanted files to save storage space.

Game Speedup. This feature enables the users to clear the Memory and allot maximum resources possible to a particular game. Once this is activated, you can play your game without lag and interruptions.

App Manager. If you want a list of all your apps and uninstall some of them with a single tap, this feature is handy.

Duplicate files. The Cleaner For Android app also possesses a duplicate file remover tool that can remove duplicates in various categories.

Junk Remover. With a single tap of a button, you can remove all the junk and temporary files.

The Final Word On What is App Hibernation on Android? How Does It Work?

As you may have observed, it is effortless to hibernate Android apps with Cleaner for the Android app. This process not only saves your mobile data, battery and RAM, but it also provides peace of mind and less disturbance to yourself. The other features, especially Duplicate files remover, are truly a bonus feature, or you would have to purchase separate software for removing duplicate files. Other features also help to optimize your smartphone and assist you in making optimum use of your device.

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