What To Expect On Last Day Of CES 2019

What To Expect On Last Day Of CES 2019


The annual tech show CES 2019 in full swing is about to end in few hours. This show brings world’s largest tech giants and startups together. Among the gadgets shown on the floor was Royole FlexPai, world’s first foldable phone that can be bend freely between zero and 180 degrees and can be used either as a tablet or smartphone. Samsung’s Micro LED TV, Sony’s 8K TV, LG’s rollable OLED, AMD 7nm microchip, HTC Vive Pro  Lenovo’s new Legion and others.

Besides, gadgets artificial intelligence and robotics were also heavily featured.

Here we bring for your highlights of the show and what can we expect on Day 4 of CES 2019.

Biggest Google Assistant products

1. Traditional Smart Speakers

Traditional Smart Speakers

This is where Google voice assistant found its home after smartphones. Biggest announcement in relation to Google’s voice assistant came from Sonos. Later this year Sonos One and Sonos Beam will have voice assistant directly integrated into those speakers. However, the release date is not yet revealed but with the beta testing taking place we can expect Sono’s free update soon.

2. Get Together Mini

Get Together google mini

Another traditional battery powered smart speaker with Google Assistant is Get Together Mini. You can set a wake word for your voice assistant and can even charge other device using the USB Type-A port on its rear.

Smart Displays

Initially in CES 2018 Google announced its initiative about smart display and this CES we see a handful of them. Each one with a specific use case.

4. Leneovo’s Smart Clock

Leneovas Smart Clock

A compact smart display designed for bedrooms has a 4-inch screen. On which you cannot see YouTube videos but is right for setting alarms, checking calendar and simple information about your commute. Unlike Amazon Echo Spot it does not have a camera.

5. Whirpool’s KitchenAid smart display

Whirpools KitchenAid smart display

A device with 10-inch display and Google Assistant is designed for your real kitchen. It is water resistance and it responds to Google Assistant voice commands. Not only this on this you can watch YouTube videos or make calls. Whirlpool is trying to play across all smart assistant ecosystems.

6. GE’s Kitchen Hub

GEs Kitchen Hub

A 27-inch touchscreen that runs Android replaces your exhaust vent by mounting above your stove. The device was announced during CES 2018 for the first time but was never shipped.  GE has updated the device this year and added tons for features like streaming movies and video calls. Kitchen Hub supports Google Assistant, this means you can ask Google to look up recipes, create grocery list or control smart home devices. Moreover, you can run apps like Spotify, Netflix and others.

7. TVs and Sound System

TVs and Sound System

TVs from tech giants like LG and Sony already have built-in Google Assistant but Samsung until now was keeping it in house with its Bixby. But with its 2019 models things change, Samsung now supports both Google Assistant and Bixby.

8. JBL Link Bar

JBL Link Bar

JBL Link Bar, initially announced during Google I/O 2018 is finally out the announcement of which was made during CES 2019. It is a part speaker and part set-top box. You can not only control the soundbar with Google Assistant but can also see video on a connected TV. JBL Link Bar will finally be available in spring for 399.95 USD.

In addition to JBL link bar, Google Assistant is added to LG and Klipsch too.

Voice Assistant for Cars, Bathrooms and other devices

1. New JBL and Harman Audio Speakers

Harman Audio and JBL announced four compelling new speaker lines. JBL announces a soundbar and two wireless speaker lines while Harman Kardon announces a new high-end home theater line. New smart speaker line by Harman Kardon is called the Citation Series and is the most exciting home theatre product showcased at CES 2019.

With all these announcements made we can say CES 2019 is much of a success as compared to CES 2018. Today is the last day of CES 2019 and we can expect some more announcements. In our next article we will round up the event for you.

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