Women Empowerment with Blockchain Technology. A Reality!

Women Empowerment with Blockchain Technology. A Reality!


We celebrate International Women’s Day today. There may be many articles or post that you see today on Social Media platforms that talk about empowered women and how women are finally getting their dues. But, will we be ALLOWED to decide for ourselves what happens to our bodies? The question that arises is who has the back of women here? Lobbying elitists who believe they know better? They don’t by the way! Also, are we solely dependent on Social Media portals to rant and rave and share our grievances? Is #MeToo and #TimesUp enough to bring about a long overdue cultural change? Will we finally get equal pay? Will the accused finally be held accountable? There are so many questions we can ask. So many fields where changes are needed. What shall help? What helps us to live our lives with dignity while keeping our heads held high?

No More Damsel in Distress: Blockchain Gives us the Power

Technology helps! Especially Blockchain Technology, has all the components that can empower women (Not that we need to be empowered, we have been and forever shall be stronger than men). Some time and energy is required to be invested in entering all the details onto the different Nodes of the Blockchain, but, once done, one shall be fighting fit to face this partial society. Here is what one can do.


1. Personal records:

Live a life on the move? Hopping from city to city with multiple transfers in your kitty or maybe your job entitles you to live life on the go? Well, in that case, nothing is better than storing all of your data on a Blockchain. Start from your Birth certificate to the details of your landlord and your lease. Upload all this precious data so that in the one-off situation of being in a new city and an odd chance of getting robbed of your belongings, one can easily access personal data and move on. This Digital Identity makes women independent and ready to face adversity right in the eyes. No more being dependent on male members of your family to authenticate your possessions and property. With your Bank details and property related documents on a Blockchain, one can easily pinpoint the exact transaction which were undertaken to buy said property. No more questions or doubts over what is rightfully yours.

2. Smart Contracts:

Many a times, women suffer a double-edged blade due to sheer ignorance of what should be rightfully theirs or simply their rights. One of the most damaging power is held in Non-disclosure agreements. Women are scared into silence, and often this silence is something that they’re not legally obligated to maintain. As in the case of any contract or agreement, one needs to go over them with a fine comb. What makes matters even more interesting is that with the help of Blockchain Technology enabled Smart Contracts are valid, legal and binding. With it, women can have their demands met and reach a satisfying conclusion in terms of dealing with potential business clients and labor contracts. The cherry on the cake is that Smart Contracts are usually made on the Ethereum platform. It is user friendly and uses Solidity as a primary computing language apart from 6 other languages including Go.

3. Currency Transfer:

Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies. While many of its users prefer to mine it rather than buying it due to its high values, there is no denying that it is one of the most commonly used cryptocurrency. There are many outlets, businesses and financial establishments that have now started to accept Bitcoin and other cryptos as a means of financial transaction. This adaptability of Bitcoin has become a boon for women all around. It offers them financial freedom as they alone have access to their finances and the discretion of using it as they wish with complete anonymity.

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While there are many more implementations of Blockchain Technology in our everyday lives, these 3 were the most important ones. In this man eat man world, it’s the women who shall eventually rule the roost. May be Blockchain Technology is just the perfect ladder that we need to reach the top!

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