World Peace: Can It Be Achieved Through Technology?

World Peace: Can It Be Achieved Through Technology?


Think of how the world would have been, if there was no crime, gun violence and corrupt politicians. We have let our prejudices decide and set pace for our future. Corporate greed, selfish interests have made us slave to this corrupt system. We have resources and the brain power to bring about world peace and create a utopian world. The key to achieving that has always been technology.

Could efforts of a few good men have helped us achieve World Peace today? Or does our history in technology, hold clues to reach the end goals? A lookback is the need of the hour.

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  • “Electric power is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas or any other fuels.” Nikola Tesla.

Electric power

Probably the greatest inventor of our times, Nikola Tesla was simply put, a genius. (He was so ahead of his times in regards to inventions, many conspiracy theorists believe him to be from the future!) Keeping such theories aside, Nikola has created the x-ray, the radio, the laser and many others. But he considered his greatest invention to be the Wardenclyffe Tower Project. It was his attempt of providing the world with free energy by harnessing electricity directly from the Earth’s ionosphere by the means of his towers. Without wires the towers would transmit the harnessed electricity to the ground-level areas. When he presented this project, his funding was cancelled and the entire lab was burnt down. All of his hard work, his thesis, his apparatuses turned to dust in the wind.

water powered car

  • People are just tired of being ripped off by corporations– Stanley Meyer. Many considered Stanley a fraud for claiming to run a car on water. He claimed to have created a car which broke down the molecules of water into hydrogen and oxygen. He is said to have harnessed the power of said hydrogen and run his car from LA to New York City. His creation was ridiculed by nay-sayers. Years later, an uneducated mechanic from India, named ‘Raees Markani’ has made the same claim. He drove a car around town on a combination of water and calcium carbide. A gas that is derived from the combination of the two is called Acetylene Gas is what essentially runs the car. This formula has now been patented by him. He has been invited by the Chinese government to further work on his invention and make it for commercial use. Imagine the insane amount of fuel which goes into running cars that can be preserved with this invention!

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  • “A river cuts through a stone not because of its power, but because of its persistence” – Jim Watkins. The London based manufactures are said to be the geniuses behind the, Oxford Electric Bell. It is said to be created in the 1825 and continues to work till this day. The Guinness book of world records recognises this as the longest running battery in existence. There are no other such bells. The mystery surrounding the science behind the battery still remains unsolved. Its origins though known, posses no thesis or theorems regarding its creation. Imagine having in our possession a portable, ever-lasting battery. This could have solved so many technological hardships that are faced by people in third world countries or refugees who do not have a definite power source at their disposal.


While there a zillions of unclaimed, baseless inventions which talk of curing cancer or HIV or even communicating with Aliens, there is one technology which is actually making a difference in today’s world. Blockchain technology is offering users innumerable options of implementations. This technology is helping refugees who are currently without a base in creating their own identity. This digital identity in turn helps them access medical care, open bank accounts and even upload their hard earned degrees to gain employment and even upload the medical records of their kids.

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This world needs a little peace from our prejudices. The colour of our skin does not take away the fact that we are all fellow beings. Our survival remains in our hands. Let’s ‘Tech’ our way to a better tomorrow.

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